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WOW that is huge, must have made some noise driving on it.

The rest of the tire looks OK.

The hole is not on the side wall so patch from the inside after removing the tire from the rim. Watch it carefully, I think you should be OK.

I wouldn't be doing any 100 mph driving in the desert though.

I would like it mounted on the front. The front will transmitt more vibration to the steering wheel due to broken cords. BUT I suspect you will be OK. Seal the hole. If you have steel cords they will rust if your repair guy doesn't seal it.

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Before I would repair I would check the date of the tire, If it is over 5 yrs old replace it and dont even consider repair. I just replaced the tires on my Convertible due to age even though they had lots of tread on them. My neighbor just had 2 tires on the same car just blow with lots of tread. the tires were over 10 years old. I would do the safe thing replace, it is cheaper in the long run.

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