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46 Model 71 - power connection for spot & pillar repair question


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Is there a recommended terminal for connection of the Guide spotlight?

The Guide spot that came with the car was disconnected, had a bent shaft and no glass. Prior owner(s) had tried rotating the spot and the bent shaft torqued the outside bracket and oval'ed the screw holes. Poor spotsmanship, I'd say. I found a like model on eBay and between the two made one good one. Any suggestions for dealing with the overly large screw hole in the pillar? One attach screw just seems inadequate. I was thinking about a moly, only because I'm not a welder and would hesitate to attempt building up the metal around the hole.

Thought I would just do away with the spot, made a cover plate and gasket and was done with it until wife saw that the spot was gone and said she liked it. Figured I better keep her happy and involved...

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Forged ahead. The 71 has foglamps, and I thought the fused connection would be a good place to connect the spot. For the oval'ed screw hole in the pillar, I cut three very narrow strips of sheet steel, made them into small L's and arranged them in the hole to create a smaller, triangular opening for the screw-kind of a homemade moly. Seemed to do the trick just fine. Wife is happy a spot is back on the car, and it's nice to have one more thing working.

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