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The Citroen 2CV, known popularly as the "Deux Chevaux" (two horse) is sixty years old this year. This odd little car was, in effect, the French VW Beetle. It was inexpensive, versatile, underpowered, and you could take the whole thing apart with a wrench (and maybe a hammer). The 2CV (2 Horsepower) rating was actually a road tax classification. It originally had a 375cc air-cooled 4-stroke (later upped to 602cc). Introduced shortly after WWII, anxious buyers had to wait, sometimes for years, to get one. It was produced until 1990. Few were exported to the U.S. The French are still hooked on them. There must be dozens of books and clubs for those interested. Joyeux anniversaire!

Phil Jamison


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with such endearing characteristics as the lawn chair seats,the simulated broken tie rod front wheel angles, the flip up window, the sardine can roof, and the the gear shift action known as "choking the goose."

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One rumor is that Ferdinand Porsche designed to get out of a French prison!?

<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">Andre Citroen was responsible for this design and he did exactly what he wished for, a usable and cheep transport for the French country side in every way.

The first 2CV is from 1948.

The rumor is about the VW Beetle and not the 2CV, according to the French and they should know, it was a French ´cachot´.

What did he do anyway, insult a local ´gendarme´ perhaps!</span> shocked.gif

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<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">Hi Phil!

Sorry for my late answer , but I was for my holdiday in France!

I checked my words about Andre Citroen with some 2CV friends at their annual meeting and they confirmed he was very early with his ideas about designing a small userfriendly car.

He wanted it to be a car for everyone and all purposes.

They told my the story that it had to be a car in which you were able to transport a bucket of eggs without one broken!

Through the fields as they say! Quite an experience in the French countryside.

I think, due to WWII, the final design came to life in 1948.

Even in France the 2CV gets a little rare these days. Being 60 years old makes them highly collectable.

A la prochaine Phil!</span>

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<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">

I've driven that car, the only problem I had with the 5HP was uphill, we had to push it! Some people had a great laugh then, my husband never wanted to drive it after that!

But I'm used to driving the pre-war car and I must say the handling of a 5HP is very easy, it drives quite well for such a small car.

I've sold it now so I can't try the bucket of eggs!

The 2CV it also such a easy to handle car so a "modern 5HP" type of car, I think.


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