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Buick Muffler to ID


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If someone has a 1950 to 1960s GM parts book, please help me ID an NOS GM muffler given to me by a friend. My friend thought that the muffler is for a Buick straight eight.

The body of the circular muffler is 30 inches long by 6 inches in diameter. The inlet is 2½ inches in diameter. The outlet is 2 inches in diameter. The inlet and outlet connections are centered. The muffler is a straight through design.

The muffler is marked with part number 2306634. The date of manufacture is 4-65.






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Guest imported_JPIndusi

Does not look familiar for straight eights from 40's to 50's. Many were about 47 inches long. Part number doesn't match either.

Joe, BCA 33493

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