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61 Dynamic 88 trans


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Has anyone ever had the experience with a hydromatic trans that throws trans fluid out the dip stick tube? It is the 394 with the 3 speed trans. The trans seems to shitf fine but for some reason if you remove the tube to check the level, it launches fluid out the tube? Any help would be apprecaited.

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Launches fluid out the filler tube at an idle? Sounds like it's either overfull, in which case it should push it out the vent line (unless it's blocked for some reason), or maybe it's got excessive internal pressure (pressure regulator problem).


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There is (or should be) a ball check valve at the lower end of the filler tube. Remove the large hex head fitting and you should find a ball and spring in the tube. The spring has very light tension and holds the ballvalve open so as to allow adding fluid. Any time the internal pressure exceeds the spring tension the ballvalve should close and

prevent the exit of fluid out of the tube. When I got one tranny back from the shop the spring and valve were missing and the result was just as you described.

Also make sure the dipstick is not so long it could hold the ball off its seat.

Remember, when you remove the fitting you will lose quite a bit of fluid. Throw it away and replenish with fresh stuff.

Good luck, Dave I just checked the parts manual, it DOES NOT show the parts in the

filler tube. It only calls out the whole assembly .

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