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Shawn Miller

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Our Classifieds and Cars for Sale Page is the most frequently visited page on our website. Our policy has always been to wait a month before posting ads from the Bulletin in order to give our members first shot at those cars- we see this as a member benefit. Recently the number of cars for sale ads in the Bulletin has diminished. In order to keep content up, we have contacted member dealers and brokers and put their ads up on the site. We foresee this increasing and becoming one of the main revenue generators for the website. Obviously this may give an advantage as far as selling a car quickly to those who are not running their ads in the print publications. Should a member wish their ad to run on the website immediately all they have to do is email the ad to the webmaster. If our Classifieds and cars for sale page becomes one of the more useful pages for finding Full Classics on the web, this should only be a good thing for the Club.

Your thoughts?


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