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Factory color of 1957 Thunderbird engine and transmission

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Am having the engine in my newly purchased 1957 Thunderbird rebuilt; and the color on the engine is orange, the tranny is black. I like to paint both the original color, as if the car just came out of the Ford factory. The engine is 312 cid, the tranny is standard fordomatic (two speed). Can anyone help me?

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Hi Tai,

The engine is Ford Red (orange). The bellhousing and transmission were not painted. Also, if you have a 2 speed Ford-O-Matic that is an incorrect transmission. All automatic shift early T-Birds have a 3 speed Ford-O-Matic. It acts like a 2 speed because it starts in mid range and shifts to high. If you floor the accelerator pedal from a dead stop it will start out in low gear. If it doesn't than adjustments are in order.


'57 Colonial White T-Bird

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