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F/S - 2 French alternators, both rebuilt, $10.

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I thought i'd put a note here first. Hope it's OK.

I recently bought a large inventory of Lucas parts from a rebuilder and somehow these French parts were thrown in. I restore Jags and have no use for them.

They are both Paris-Rhone and the ser.#'s are A14R29 and A14N51 (or maybe A14N56). Both were rebuilt and look nice. I knew the rebuilder. I'd like $10 each or will trade for some British parts (SU carb parts always needed).

If you're in the S.E. Pa. area, stop by and you'll save shipping and also get them both for $10!!! Half price, what a deal!!

As you might have guessed, I have no idea what they fit. It would be a shame to scrap them for the copper and aluminum.

I don't go on line that often, so you may have to wait for a reply.



Virginville, Pa. 19564

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