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Henry"J" engine

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Guest backyardmachinc


We have a 52 henry "J" engine in the shop for complete overhaul.The engine is a 161 6 cylinder.What we need to know where we might fine engine parts and gasket kit for this engine.The engine is lock up from setting,it was rebuilt in 1958 with a bore of .030 and crank bearings are at .010/.010. Any help out there Please email us at


thank you

Until next time

Vern Barker

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In applications where cars are not common, such as your customer's Henry J, it is a good idea to contact the club. Start with the Kaiser Frazer Club, they have a website. The 1st person youtalk to may not be helpful, or able to assist but it's a start at a network that may end with a club member that is a Henry J/Willys expert.

I believe the 161 6 cyl is a Willys engine. Hemmings has several vendors specializing in Willys and of course there are the "generalists" such as Egge. However, Egge is not perfect. Some members have had quality issues, others have had a good experience.


The Jeepsterman, Inc.

Willys and Jeep Parts 1945 to current


238 Ramtown Greenville Rd

Howell, NJ 07731

Kaiser Willys Auto Supply LLC



and contact the KF Owners club for help.

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