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I can't believe the asking price.


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there's a real piece of cr@p '89 Reatta that's been for sale around these parts (Wilkes-Barre, PA) which has reared it's ugly head once again, this time at a used car lot on the outskirts of town. the last time i saw this car (it is silver with a deep burgundy interior), it had a cracked driver's side front fender and a cracked LF headlight cover. these have been replaced, but unpainted. and the left rear corner of the tail light has had the plastic "repaired" with a "mosaic" of red plastic. the car has no grill, no hub caps, the alloy wheels are rusty, it has a broken antenna, dents in the left door and rear quarter panel, a cracked center arm rest, bad leather and a curious round hole in the driver's door panel just below the upper edge. i was afraid to touch the door handle to see the milage and who knows what it's like mechanically or electronically. suffice it to say, the car's a mess. i kind of figured that for a thousand bucks -TOPS!- it might be an o.k. as a parts car. the glass is, at first glance, good. i personally don't have the space or inclination to own such a car, but i thought i'd call the car lot to see what they want for it. well, my teeth about fell out when the salesman told me that they want $3,500.00 (!!!) for this pathetic hunk of junk. some people have no shame. maybe i should go snag the VIN from it, just to catalog it's existance, but i expect it'll sit for a long, long time, lonely, alone and forgotten until someone comes to their senses regarding it's value. <BR>your's,<BR>doug wolfe<BR>breatta@webtv.net

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