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  1. Hello, I am restoring a '34 Packard super8 & I have just taken my starter & generator to be rebuilt & converted to 12v. The units are Dyneto, are there any suppliers of parts for these items, or can anyone please tell me what other restorers do about a rebuild for these? I can see there are plenty of these cars restored in the USA, so there is some way around the problems it seems. I am in Australia. Regards,Jeff Black.
  2. Hi, I am wanting a clear complete copy of the Stromberg Carburetor Model UUR-2 Twin Carb. drawing from the Stromberg service bulletin, dated Jan.1, 1931. I have a copy but a lot of the detail is faded out, I hoped someone might be able to e-mail a clear copy I could then print. Regards, Jeff Black
  3. Hi, I am working on the hinges for my '34 Packard super 8 rumble seat coupe.I have noticed that pin sets are available for lots of car doors, especially '30s Fords. The pin size is 11/32" x 2, 5/16", does anyone know if there is a pin set made for the Packard, or know if one for another car is correct? Thank's. Regards, Jeff Black
  4. Hello guys,thank you all very much for your responses, this has given me some new places to try & some of the suggestions I have already tried. The internet is at its best when needing assistance like this, very difficult pre internet days, don't know how we managed! Thanks again. Best regards to all you people, Jeff Black.
  5. Hi, I am currently restoring a '34 Packard & am trying to source a supplier for some 1/4"UNF oval head slotted head screws.I am in Australia & have tried the internet with no success,there must be someone out there can supply these. Can anyone help please? Regards,Jeff Black.
  6. Max,I bought a new knob for my Packard '34 gear shift lever from Max Merritt or Kanter parts , I think also Steele Rubber has them. That is a nice looking car you have there! Regards,Jeff Black.
  7. Help! I have a '29 Blackhawk by Stutz, with the 4litre,six cylinder ohc engine.I have fitted it with a new old stock Stromberg UUR-2 carburator. I am finding that the cylinders 3& 4 are carboning the spark plugs in a very short time,with resulting bad running. Is there anyone out there running a Blackhawk on the Stromberg UUR-2, who can tell me what jets etc are needed for good running ? Thank you. Regards,Jeff Black.
  8. Yes sir,I agree,but I always have a hell of a job getting into the site,one day I can get in,the next it has never heard of me.I usually seem to do ok on this site,however & it is easy to get into. Jeff Black.
  9. Thank you sir,I will try that. Jeff Black
  10. Hi,can anyone tell me who makes new windshield frames for my 1934 Packard super 8,hard top coupe,model 1104? Thank's. Jeff Black.
  11. Hi,I am restoring a '34Packard super 8,model 1104,& I am needing a correct North/East distributor,serial number 5033450,can anyone help?Also wanting a left door inside capping [painted woodgrain],also a correct key ignition switch.Thank's. Jeff Black.
  12. Hi,what do you want for the dash panel? Do you have only one of the chrome strips,& what price for this please? Jeff Black.
  13. The car is a 1104 Packard,a standard factory hard top coupe body. Jeff Black
  14. Hi,I have just acquired a 1934 Packard super8 hard top coupe to restore,can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy high quality replacements for any or all of the pot metal bits & pieces on these cars? I also need the cap board for the left side door. I need the dashboard centre panel,with the Packard badge on it. One of the wiper motors & both arms,blades etc are missing. The chrome strips for the spare wheel covers are missing,would also be interested in complete set of covers. I live in Australia & can make new castings if necessary,but thought there would be someone in the US with some of this stuff on the shelf,thus saving a lot of time if I can just buy new bits. Thanks in advance. Regards,Jeff Black.
  15. Hi Dave,thanks for your reply,I am interested to know the particulars of the '32. Regards,Jeff Black.