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  1. Chistect, BTW I'm olsarge from the VCCA forum. Small world.
  2. Chistect, thanks for the vote. I had just asked my wife, the retired nurse, if that was a real medical condition when it hit me what you wrote. Now that's funny. I have to tell you what I told my boss when I decided to retire. I told him I had Progressive Occupational Rectal Glaucoma. That means it was getting harder and harder to see my ass going to work.
  3. I may get some backlash and I'm not sure this qualifies as strange but this is just something I couldn't do with my Corvette. On I-95 in South Florida.
  4. I'm sorry. I saw a post dated November and assumed it was this month. Maybe it was 2018. I'll try to call him.
  5. John, I know this is an old post. But, is the car still for sale? I'd be very interested in the right car for the right price. Thank you, James
  6. My wife, Sherry, and I have owned Chevy Nomads since 1965. Danchuk Manufacturing has an annual Christmas Photo Contest. This year I submitted our 1956 Nomad. Our photo was not only selected as one of the finalists, the photo was also chosen by their staff for the cover of their Christmas Catalog. The finalists receiving the most votes from the public will win a $500 gift card. The voting began November 18th and runs through December 8th. I'm asking all my AACA buddies to take a couple of minutes and vote for us. You can vote at: https://danchukusa.com/xmas-photo-contest-2019. Thanks to all. James Wright Fort Lauderdale, FL
  7. I'm in need of a cylinder head for my 1932 Chevy. I've been told it's easier to find a unicorn but there's no forums for buying unicorns. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. David, I have been editor of the Fort Lauderdale Region "Steering Wheel" for about a year and a half. I was aware of the awards program but, quite honestly, was so fixed on publishing a newsletter I didn't entertain submitting it for consideration. If it's ok I'm going to call you in the next few days to get a better understanding of the process. Thank you and all the other who help make this a better organization.
  9. As some of you correctly deduced, the car in question is indeed a replica. I am still going to try to help him find a hubcap and running light, if anyone can help. I will try to post photos of the light and hubcap he has to try and find a match. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  10. I spoke to this gentleman today for the first time. I told him the "headlights" were optional. He evidently has one but not the other. He assures me the vehicle is an original and not a replica. He has the serial number which he's sending to me. I will ask him for photos. Evidently the car belonged to a Shrine member who passed away and left it to the Shriners. I thought curved dash Olds were pretty rare and most were in private collections or museums. How many have survived? Thanks for all the help.
  11. I have been contacted by an 84 year old gentleman whose Shrine Club has been given a 1903 Curved Dash Olds. They are well on their way to restoring this rare piece of automotive history and need a little help finding a headlight and a hubcap. Does anyone have a source for these. Thank you.
  12. What a ton on information. I have some time to decide. The car currently has Sears/Allstate whitewalls and looks pretty good but they're cracked and hard as a rock. I've seen some with blackwalls and like both. Thanks for the info.
  13. The 30 Hudsons I've found pictures of have 10-spoke wheels. The car has 12-spokes. Also, the 30 Hudson has ventilation doors that open and close on the side of the hood. Although, that may be unique to specific models. This car appears to have louvers. Other than that it does look close. The overall shape and bumpers are very similar.
  14. There is no distinguishable marking on the hub. Under a magnifying glass it appears as a shadow or maybe a dent but certainly no recognizable letter. I have had this photo for years. Enlarging the photo digitally does no good as it just gets blurry. What we have here is the best I've got. I was hoping that there was some small distinguishable feature about the car that someone would recognize, maybe because they happen to have one. Shape of the top or fenders, etc. You can see an accordion type apparatus on the side. I've seen those in pictures before but don't know what it's for. Most markings would have been on the grill (which we can't see), the radiator cap (which is either flat or just a blur) and the hub caps which none of us can read. Notice the rear hub appears to be smooth. This may remain one of the great mysteries of the universe.
  15. I am restoring a '32 Chevy coupe. I'm calling on the vast experience of my fellow AACA members to help me pick the right tires. They are 5.25/5.50X18. I want tires made in the USA. I want whitewalls that don't turn yellow and would prefer a top brand name (Goodyear, Firestone, etc.) Do any of these manufacturers still make vintage tires or are they all made by Coker using the original molds? I know there are a thousand opinions so give me yours and I tally the votes.
  16. Can anyone identify this car? The picture is approximately 1930. This is the only known photograph of the DeKalb County, Georgia, Police Department at the time. Pictured L to R are my grandfather, Daniel M. Wright (Justice of the Peace), and Officers Tom Brown, Walter Carroll and O.B. Rawell. As J.P. my grandfather would deal with the hooligans of the day, who committed minor crimes of theft or drunk and disorderly, brought before him by the three men pictured in the snazzy snap-brim caps.