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  1. that's on the to do list also. do you think i have water built up in the fuel filter? i have the filter, i just didn't pop it in yet... its on the frame rail right about where the drivers feet go, but beneath the floorboards, right?
  2. Nikola Tesla has patents that are still classified, and there is a clause written into the homeland security act that allows the government to hide public record of technology that is considered privileged. same thing applies with how there are international shipping laws on powerful computers. there are things that are unlawful to ship to places not deemed worthy by our government, and in the same way, there are things that are hidden from public record concerning technology. i'm not trying to start the conspiracy theory thing and "the man" and big brother and all of that stuff, but i do truly believe that there is a lot of money spent to ensure that we still buy gas instead of other energy sources. did you see the movie "who killed the electric car"? the carb (California air resources board) mandated that a percentage of all vehicles sold in the state had to be zero emissions. gm produced an all electric car called the EV1, that you plugged into the wall when you got home to recharge, and had about an 80 mile range between charges. california built charging stations and people leased the vehicles. gm sued the resources board to remove the mandate, and following their success (because every other major auto maker's layers got on board) gm reclaimed all of the vehicles and shipped them to a desert test track and crushed them. it is fact. recorded on film. despite several celebrities that liked the vehicles and held a benefit that raised several times the sale price to buy the remaining cars. every single one was destroyed. there are millions and billions of dollars at stake that would be lost profit for many of the world's large companies and governments, that these organizations are very interested in protecting. i don't think that is very hard to believe, do you?
  3. there is a such thing as a 6 stroke engine where after the exhaust stroke, water is injected and as the piston travels through another down and upstroke, the water expands into steam and helps the downstroke with its expansion, and cools the engine system as the steam is exhausted during the upstroke. both the expansion and cooling of the water / steam help the efficiency of the engine. the gentleman that owns crower cams is doing a lot of research in the 6 stroke engine design area. as far as brown's gas is concerned, everybody is still writing it off as impossible because energy cannot be created or destroyed. what people still are choosing to ignore when they talk about whether an improvement can happen from this technology or not is the fact that the water is consumed, just like gas. the mileage improvements that people quote are because their engines are also burning water. there is no magic involved. what if you got 100 mpg of gasoline, but you used 3 gallons of water as well as one of gasoline to achieve it? does that sound more plausible? in my opinion... fuel economy should not be a goal of ours as much as using a new fuel. i would happily drive all day at 2 miles per gallon, as long as i was only using water. here's the beginning of what everybody will be arguing with me about... the solution to this country's energy crisis is: remove all government taxes and profits that are received from oil and fossil fuels. the feds make more money from me in a year from gasoline taxes than they do in income tax. no bs, i did the math. think about it... every single thing that i buy is shipped and transported in some way, and that gas used is incorporated into the price that i pay for it, and the taxes reflect this too. if there was no profit to be made from oil products and energy costs as opposed to any other fuel, nobody would care if the world's power came from water. all of these suppressed patents would be available to the public and we wouldn't be destroying our own earth to make a profit. if you owned an oil well, would you be excited to spend money on some new technology that would lose you billions of dollars in profit each year? i sure wouldn't. we're stuck in a rut, as a world as a whole. its time to change. don't be so quick to question unconventional solutions to the problems we face as a whole, and maybe with this open mindedness we will find a solution to our world's problems. that's all.. you can stone me now. think about it though, if history has taught us anything, it has been to remain open minded. would you have believed anything about electricity 2 hundred years ago?
  4. What would cause my 90 reatta to run a little rough when i am sitting at an upward incline? my driveway slopes upward, and before i park at night, i notice that my engine seems a little off. at first i though that i was just hearing normal car noises in the context of my driveway, kind of like how most cars will sound like they have more engine noise when you are next to a concrete barrier or a building that reflects the normal noises from the car. but after hearing the car sputter a little bit at other intersections around town that are a little uneven, i'm pretty sure that something is actually happening. the commonality of these instances is when i am stopped at an upward incline. the engine seems to sputter and rumble a just a touch, kind of like when it is oxygen sensor time. i replaced my oxygen sensor and plugs and wires about two tankfulls ago, and improved my mileage about 2mpg coincidentally, but the rough running at an incline did not change. any advice? i have not checked my tranny fluid level since i have determined that something is actually happening, since my driveway is at an incline. i'll check it at work tomorrow and let you know what i think. any other thoughts? thanks
  5. i have some burnt out bulbs in a climate control computer that i bought recently, but i haven't taken it apart yet to figure out what is happening to it. i don't think that my buttons, like the trip reset and test and everything light up... i'll have to look next time i'm driving after dark. i know the indicator lights like check engine are replaceable bulbs, so i bet the button backlights are also this type of bulb, i'll look for you if i think of it tonight.
  6. i have some burnt out bulbs in a climate control computer that i bought recently, but i haven't taken it apart yet to figure out what is happening to it. i don't think that my buttons, like the trip reset and test and everything light up... i'll have to look next time i'm driving after dark. i know the indicator lights like check engine are replaceable bulbs, so i bet the button backlights are also this type of bulb, i'll look for you if i think of it tonight.
  7. what nobody is willing to acknowledge here is that you have to put water into the system, just like you have to put gasoline in your tank. it is consumed. the energy is not being created from "nowhere", it is rendered from the water that you feed it. it is not a balanced equation, the water is consumed and that is where the extra power comes from. hydrogen, in this case, is the result of an electrolysis process, that is normally cost restricting vs the gain. but it is feasible that if you have an "unlimited" supply of free water, you can run an engine cheaper after the losses of onboard electrolysis than you could running an engine on $3.30/gal petroleum. hydrogen is a more powerful fuel than gasoline is chemically, because it has seven open electron spaces that it will try to fill in a chemical reaction, and gas is a stable/balanced hydrocarbon molecule that only has a reaction because we burn it. anyway, the claim of many of these hydrogen booster resources is that there is a specific frequency or wave pattern that resonates with a water molecule and splits it more efficiently than just standard dc electrolysis. looking into it further, i've found that more websites out there are dedicated to sharing free information and spreading the word about this technology than they are to selling it. lots of people out there would like to see the pollution and resource depletion halted, and save some money in the process. i personally think that the government makes too much money in taxes on oil to come up with an alternative that isn't controlled and taxed equally. i know i wouldn't take showers anymore if water had a .50c per gallon tax on it. oil is a multi-billion dollar business, so i almost believe some of these stories about people being paid or threatened into silence about their inventions. i'd spend a few billion to keep somebody from taking my other 200. there's my rant... lemme have it
  8. well... i'm in st. joe county, and i've never had to have a vehicle tested. didn't realize that it was county specific. i'll bet you we'll see inspections in the next few years then. that makes me more curious about some of these contraptions that claim to make the fuel burn more efficiently and lower emissions. thanks for the info
  9. i found plans to build these hydrogen generators at waterpoweredcar.com they are pretty simple devices. supposedly there was a man named stanley meyer that developed a way to make cars run entirely on water electrolysis like this, and was offered tons and tons of money to sit on his invention and then allegedly was "killed" for his invention. there's a lot of info on the web about him and others that have tried to achieve this feat, a lot of conspiracy theory's too. but if you wanted to try and build one of these hydrogen generators, the plans on that page should have you shopping at home depot in no time. lemme know what you think.
  10. http://enginebrain.com/ some motorcycle guys i hang around thought this helped their bikes run a little smoother. i don't know if they ever checked their exhaust for what it does to the emissions, but i'm kind of curious. in my opinion, i don't think the ultrasonic thing would do much, but launching the spark into the ignition chamber further has never been a bad thing. if you used something like this in conjunction with fuel line magnets, i wonder if you could pass emissions without a cat? i don't live in a state that checks emissions, but i'd like to have better mileage without hurting the air i breathe more than i already do, you know?
  11. rough idles are caused by a vacuum leak as well, check out all the vac circuits, they can affect almost everything else in some way. do maf (mass airflow) sensors ever go bad or cause poor mileage?
  12. other things that commonly cause poor mileage besides the o2 sensor are the egr system / pcv system. if either of these are ducting abnormal amounts of exhaust or smog into your intake, you will have decreased mileage. simple things like an old clogged air filter can do this as well. keep your tires up to inflation spec and use the correct weight of motor oil. that's all i know of besides just keeping things running properly. lemme know what else you find out may need attention, i'll take all the mileage i can get.
  13. around town where i get about 18 though, it seemed that if gas were any more expensive (here it averages about $3.35 right now) an additive may be a better deal. that just surprised me.
  14. i ran a can of seafoam through my tank last time around an had about 2 mpg better efficiency for the whole tank. i did the math, and it seemed like the seafoam was cheaper than the extra gas that i would have had to buy to get the same mileage. has anybody else noticed this? any other additives give better mileage for less than $6 a can?
  15. sounds like a cool idea... obviously the equipment draws a current that puts strain on the engine, but perhaps the hydrogen created makes up for that. i know with diesel vehicles that run on vegetable oil, mileage is decreased a bit, but the oil is cheaper than diesel fuel, so you get the cost benefit from such a system. i'm curious what the system costs, and if they send you a kit, or make you pay for installation.
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