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  1. your right But Please do not try this in an alluminum fuel tank! the acid eats most alloys and the gases may be deadly Thanks Sean
  2. Any one have a gas guage that fits in the gas tank of a the speedster? I have a friend who is in need of one Badly
  3. Hey I got this weird old truck in my garage and no one knows any kind of info out where I live. It was bought by my friends father new and used as a ranch truck until it was retired in the seventies. all i know is its a 1949 Ford F-1 half ton short bed pick up four wheel drive. there's an add in Hemmings about one of five. this add is about a panel and the people selling it dont have any info what so ever on its maker. can any one help? Dont worry I have other Questions on other cars. Thanks Anything is better than nothing! S Of Rodent's
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