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  1. Thanks guys, I found one. Toyz
  2. We need a 1928 Caddilac DIstributor for V-8. Any kind , new, rebuilt or? Harold
  3. Thanks for answering my post. Is the piece you have machined already? WHen will you have the other piece or pieces? Price for what you have already? I will have to look and see if the piece you have is all I need or if I need a complete distributor. Thanks again Harold
  4. Hey guys, I need a distributor for a 1928 Caddilac V-8. We can use a new body if someone is casting them. Does anyone make them today? Will accept a used or rebuilt one. Is there another that will work. Our Model number is Delco 4032 Phone cell 423-667-0839
  5. What do you do when the tank is built into the body on an early car? We used acetone with some success(be careful of fires-no smoking). Someone suggested using aircraft fuel when storing early cars that dont get driven often and that it does not turn to shellac.
  6. We are looking to purchase a distributor for our 1928 Caddilac V-8. New reproduction? if available or rebuilt. Even take a good used one. Email direct to hcoker7118@aol.com. thanks Harold
  7. West, Great new AACA Magazine issue. I especially enjoyed the Thomas article. I thought my Australian friend had seen our 1904 3 cylinder Thomas when he was here but maybe he did not. So far as we know it is the only example left. West if you would like I can send a photo. Car runs great but three cylinder autos shake a little too much. I suppose the engineers had not yet figured out harmonic balancers. Harold Coker AACA Pres '72
  8. Steve, one of the neatest ideas I have heard of recently. Congratulations. Harold Coker Pres '72
  9. Thanks guys , I am sure you are still looking for a McCord oiler for our project. Boyz
  10. Jon, I sent you an email thur nite the 29th. Thanks
  11. Jon, I sent you an email to your office with pictures. Did you get it? Toyz
  12. Jon, I can take a pic however it is on a car and I cant get a good shot. I am not sure I know how to put a photo on the site but do know how to email it to you if I had your email address. Boyz
  13. Hey guys, surely someone out there knows where one of these McCord Oiler is? Boyz
  14. I have one already on a 70 HP Thomas Flyer. I could possibly be wrong on the number but it does have a four bolt pattern to the intake manifold. Throat is approximately 2 inches.Boyz
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