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  1. Does anyone know if theres a (cold) valve lash setting for a 36 olds 213 6cyl.
  2. Welcome Netman! I also bought my 36 olds off ebay in nov. Went too Detriot too pick it up.I seen your 36 on ebay,looks like a pretty descent car.Theres a r.h. tail light on ebay right now. It's up too 100.00 already, with a couple day's left. Keep us posted on your progress. Talk to ya later, Mike
  3. That's bad! How'd you get the suspension slamed?
  4. Pic's coming soon, I promise. Mike
  5. jay,hope that fixes the problem.I just finished all new brake shoes, wheel cylinders,ss lines and master cylinder on mine.I went with the new dot5 silicone brake fluid since everything was new.It's not suppost too draw moisture like dot3&4.It also has a higher boiling point,but don't think that's an issue with drum brakes.The biggest excitment was having my 11 year old son help bleed the brakes.He was still better than my wife.NEVER HAVE YOUR WIFE HELP BLEED YOUR BRAKES!!!!!! I finally found that black trim for the ashtray I've been searching for,from a guy in new mexico.I should have my car ready soon,so when the weather breaks I'l be ready too go.Can't wait! I've only driven it once around the block when I bought it in nov. Talk too ya later, Mike
  6. Jay, pump is fairly easy too rebuild. REALLY PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TOO ORIENTATION OF THE TWO SMALL SPRINGS&PLASTIC PLATES!!!! I tried too pay close attention when I took mine apart and still screwed it up.Luckily I have a service manual so I had too stare at it for awhile to figure it out.Thanx for the websites, I've bought some items from Fusick before but the other site I'd never seen.They have some neat items! I should have my car back together soon (pending food,gas,kids,WIFE !!!ect.)so I'l get some pictures posted. Talk too you later,Mike
  7. Jay, just seen (2) tail light lenses on ebay. Type in oldsmobile then go too vintage section. Theres still 5 days left on them. See ya, Mike
  8. Jay,see if gas is leaking from small hole in bottom of pump.The hole is there so when the diaphram cracks you can see a drip.Does the car have a fuel filter? You might check it especially if it sputters at higher rpm. The fuel pump kits are dirt cheap,I just bought one on ebay for 5.00 bucks.Just keep checking ebay for tail lense,I seen 2 on there within last couple of days. Had any luck on sidemounts or visor? Keep us posted! Thanx,Mike
  9. Hello Jay, check out ebay theres several Fulton visors on there right now.I think 36 all GM are interchangable? Not sure.The sidemounts are going to be tough! It seems like there alot more common on the Buicks.Other than what is pictured in the original 1936 olds brochure,I think Ive only seen them once on a car. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! Thanx,Mike
  10. Nice cars Rafa, really love the 36 chrysler !!!
  11. YES I STILL NEED !!!! Im having trouble finding one. Thanx Jay
  12. Jay, Theres a rad. cap on ebay under 1936 in vintage section. Its listed for a chevy, but i believe there the same. Its the single tab type like original.Theres also a set of used foglights in 1936 olds section of vintage i believe? Good luck,and keep us posted on your progress! Talk to you later, Mike
  13. Hello Jay,I also recently bought a 36 Olds 4-door.I assume your wanting a R.H. tailight? If so theres one in the OCA magazine this month.Heres the info: George Miller (908)403-6562.Enjoy your 36,looks like a nice ride! Talk too you later, Mike
  14. Hello Bill, my name is Mike.I also just bought my first olds.Its a 36 f-36 4 door trunk back.Found car on ebay,and went too Detroit to pick it up.Its a very nice driver with new Hampton coach interior.I really dont need many parts,but what parts i have needed mostly found on ebay.Sheetmetal parts seem very hard to find! May have to hit some good swap meets?If theres anything I can be of assitance with feel free to ask.I will be posting up some photos soon, so check them out.Good luck with the car, and talk too you later. Mike
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