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  1. My Dad was a Chrysler Plymouth salesman.  He had me sitting on his lap driving a new Chrysler back in the early 50's.  He haught me how to drive an automatic trans.  In the late 50's , when I was 13 - 14 I was behind the wheel of our Chrysler driving around a parking lot learning how to parallel park.  I got my permit in Minnesota the day I turned 15.  30 days later I got my license.  Dad got me my first car , a 49 Plymouth.  All the cars I had while living at home were Chryslers and Plymouths.  The last was a 57 Chrysler. which I proceeded to hop up and customize.  Dad was NOT pleased.  I just wantedd to go fast and win stoplight drag races.  I never did loose my license, but came close.  Now I am 80 yeras young, and Dad is long gone. I still miss him.  

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