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  1. :)Hi to diggerscreek.au I send you a e-mail re. wheels,. I'll give you my e-mail in case you did'nt receive it, dloyens@295.ca..........TOM were do I get one of those red parts book, mine is green and does'nt show much. Thanks for any help
  2. :)So do all 1929's have 20 inch - 8 lug and a 6 1/2 inch centre hole and the 1930 model 733 have 20 in.-7 lug and a 5 1/2 in. centre hole. What about the model 745, is it 19in.-8 lug and what size centre hole? Thanks Ed
  3. I have these packard wheels and axles but don't know what year or model car they came off.The man I bought them from thought they were 1930-31. Three are disc wheels, 20 inch, 8 lugs with a 6 1/2 inch centre hole. One is a wire wheel the same size. All have what ,I believe are wheel weights, that look like little cups on the wheels, between the wheel and hub.They all have 750-20, what look like truck tires, on them. Rear axle has a number stamped on the front of the housing *126981H* with the letter Q under that number. There are two large lock rings at the front,by the pinion gear(my 733 has only one).The brake drums are 14inch . The front axle has no # stamped on the front of the pass. side spring perch, but has the letter B stamped the back side of that spring perch. Also on the inside of that axle, are rised numbers D-11 555 17A as part of the axle casting. Every thing looks the same as my 733 packard axles except for the wheel wieghts and sizes. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Ed
  4. Hi , I,m new to this forum and not to handy with computors, I,m restoring a 733 seven pass. sedan and have lots of questions.How do you take the steering wheel off the column? The complete steering column with the gear box is on my bench so I have easy acess to all of it. Thanks for any help Ed
  5. :)I,m working on my 733 , got the body off and finally am getting every thing else power steam cleaned tomorrow, that should get rid of all that old oil and grease.I looked at the steering column and gear box, which is on my bench, and have no idea how to take the steering wheel off. The horn button just unsrews than what????T thanks for any help Ed
  6. Hi, I,m new to this forum and also not to handy with this new technogy (computers).I,m restoring a 733 seven pass. sedan ,(along with your help hopefully) which I purchased last year, I.ve got three Packard disc wheels and one wire wheel which I don,t know what they belong to? They are 20" and have 8 lugs and a 6 1/2" centre hole. Also a rear end with a #stamped *126981H8* Q on the pot. Also a front axle with no # on the front of the pass. spring perch, but ther is a letter B stamped on the back side of that spring perch, and there are also rised numbers on the inside of the axle casting # D-11 5.55 17A ?????Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  7. Hi guys I,m new to the Packard scene.so my knowledge is very limited as are my computor skills. I bought a 1930 model 733 7 pass. sedan , last year, which I,m restoring. The car came with 19" disc wheels with 7 lugs and a 5-1/2 "centre hole,from reading the manual these should be 20"rims, right? I also purchased threes 1930-31 (the man though) 20"disc wheels which have 8 lugs and a 6 1/2" centre hole and one wire wheel the same size. They are Packard rims, but I don,t know what year????
  8. Tom, There,s a good picture of a 1930 oil gauge in the Hemmings Classis Car magazine issue #47. I just received it. The item is all about a 740 Packard, great story.My 733 oil ga. is all brass with a black indicater. The one in the magazine is white with a red area in the empty zone. Hope this helpes.
  9. Steve @<st.paulpipefitter@gmail.com> has a front bumper for sale.
  10. HI KLT, The numbers are posted on o5/o5/08 just two post up along with my e-mail address. Send me a e- mail please or your phone # and I'll be in touch. Thanks Ed
  11. Thanks Ken, I'm not sure make year the axles are, but I'll see if I can find those spamped # . They are larger than the 733 models,which I though they where. They have 20" rims on them with the 8 hole bolt pattern, I believe there 1929 but not sure. Hi Ken again,(front axle) I could not find a # stamped on the spring perch but there is the letter "B" stamped on the back side of the spring perch along with a # cast in the axle itself on the back side # D-11555 17A The hup caps from my 733 fit those disc wheels,if that means anything. (rear axle) The ony # I could find was on the front of the pot by the bolts * 126981H *, there is a star at the front and end of that number. If you send me your e-mail #,I"ll try and send some pictures along, (dloyens@295.ca)
  12. Thanks West I've dicided to stay with disc wheels, but will keep yours in mind. I would need everything thats required to put a trunk on my 733, as there's nothing there now. Thangs ED
  13. Thanks Superod, I have the front and rear axles for the larger model packard , Thanks Ed
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