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  1. Hello, I was wondering what a 63 Dodge 880 4dr was worth? Its in good restorable shape with a good body, just needs a little work to get it running, its been shedded for years. I dont know if its the 383 or 361, and how can you tell if its the 880 custom or just 880? Thanks
  2. How Much? And where is all this located? Thanks
  3. I am sure you have had this question a million times! I am new so Im not sure where to look. How is it you find out information from the Engine numbers? Do you get a book and what the numbers mean are listed or exactly how is it you find out the CID the year and so forth from these numbers?? Thanks!!
  4. I am greatful for all the help, most of my experiance is with cars from the sixties and seventies!!!
  5. I guess I am ignorant to what a long block is, I always thought a long block was a engine with heads and manifolds. I really appreciate the info!!
  6. 32-ML-103429-ML-<br /><br />Moved to Chrysler Forum. RWB
  7. I have a 1951 plym with no engine but I do have a 1952 Chrysler industrial motor out of a 1952 Massey Harris combine, 6cly flat head will it work with my three speed trans and everything bolt up to it?? I looks like it should work, and its Free!! Thanks!!
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