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  1. Thanks Bill, I have looked again and I am sure the number is 28. The car was originally either metallic Fawn or green from what I can make out.Car is from the USA,as opposed to exported from Canada ,cheers Warwick.
  2. Hi Bill W,Do you know the paint colour for paint code number 28 for my 39 c22 Royal,. It is a bit hard to read but I am sure it says just 28.thanks Warwick.
  3. Thanks for that advice,really appreciate it.The cars certainly seem to run fine on the lower octane,tks Warwick.
  4. Thanks Bob,thats very interesting. I have heard similar recollections. The Chrysler has hardened valve seats but I are not sure about my other pre 39s. Is it best to use the higher octane or the lower would you say. I have had differing opinions but am interested in any opinion,tks warwick.
  5. Hi Elmo, Have checked and my engine # is on the top left of block too. I checked my paint code number out of interest which looks like # 28. Car is currently a metallic type fawn or light brown. Anyone know what colour 28 was?tks Warwick .
  6. Hi Elmo 39,Thanks for that info. Talk about learning som ething every day! Did you see the 39 Desoto or Plymouth that was badged as a Chrysler Royal for sale on trademe in Wellington some months ago-maybe even last year.This was a humpback model.I had never seen that before and wondered if it had originated from Australia. Seemed in pretty god nick too and was reasonably priced.I will check my engine out tommorrow,thanks Warwick.
  7. Hi Elmo 39,I will check my 39 Royal now you hve mentioned it. Where are you in NZ? I was wondering which petrol to run the car on now it is up and running. thanksa Warwick.
  8. Hi , A most interesting serial.Now the oil problem is sorted what is the best petrol to put in my 39 Chrysler now it is up and running ie higher or lower octane.? I have had a couple of differing theories offered. I havnt used an additive as the engine has hardened valves I believe. I guess it has been covered many times but maybe things have changed again,thanks, Warwick.
  9. Hi Thommy from Germany,Amazing you found your car in Holland where I thought they only had bicycles!That would have to be rarer still!I am surprized not more of these cars survived as they are so well built.It sounds like the coupe has at last found a good home in Germany. As Rusty says parts are pretty easy to get and I maintain with many old classics now there are more parts out there now than running cars -a double edged sword for classic car lovers,cheers from New Zealand.
  10. Yes Rusty you were correct. Re adjusted clutch and problem seems solved,thanks very much for your advise,Warwick.
  11. Hi ,1939 Luxury liners are good looking cars both coupe and sedan. I have found Andy Bernbaum auto parts in Mass. good for mechanical parts. Google and Check out their website.Sorry dont have it handy. Keep those cars rolling!good luck from NZ.
  12. thanks Rusty,really apreciate the advise.I will look at the clutch again ,tks Warwick.
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I thought 90 sae was it but for some reason since the oil change the sinchro in first and reverse dies after driving for around 30 minutes.So I thought must have put in wrong oil. Any ideas? car is a USA export c22 Royal with the big six engine ,manual trans and new clutch. May be over -idling a smidgen so could this be the problem?,tks Warwick.
  14. Tks Mikzjr,Penrite cant tell me ,nor can their webpage. Meanwhile my car is up on a hoist! I am guessing it is 90 sae but the transmission is not liking it.. My Kingdom for an owners manual which I have been un able to track down!,thanks for replying.
  15. Can anyone advise me the transmission and rear axle oil required for my 1939 Chrysler Royal,thanks warwick from New Zealand.
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