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  1. Very nice car Jon. I agree, a good original beats a showcar. Harley
  2. I renovated my Riv 12 years ago since when the bottom of the doors have apparently re-corroded. This has had the effect of distorting the bright stainless steel trim as the fastenings restrian the trim against the movement of the panel. Does anyone know where I might get hold of lower trim for each door and also if wheel arch trims (especially for the nearside rear wheel arch) are still available?
  3. Hi guys This is my first post and I thought I'd show my ride. Had the car since 1995 when it was shipped from Ohio to the UK. Since then it's been renovated and rebuilt mechanically over a number of years. I use it every season and so far it's won 15 awards for condition. Hope to be able to contribute to the discussions in future.