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  1. Losing affordable storage, need to sell my 1983 Riviera Convertible: White w/ maroon interior, 43k original miles, Recent water pump, Michelin tires & electrnc temp contrl valve, Needs AC compressor(new one included), NEW bumper fillers--front & back, Very Clean--Exclnt Driver, Possible delivery to Savannah Regional Meet in May, $10,500 OBO Vehicle Located in Myrtle Beach, SC area monte29568@hotmail.com Home: 843-399-5152 Cell: 843-421-9828
  2. I thought I posted My83RivConv several year's ago in response to Chuck's 1st call. However, upon quick perusal of thread, it appears I did NOT--so here goes my attempt... Monte
  3. Tim, Thanks for that good tid-bit. Altho I've not had my 83 Riv all that long I was wondering about the "poor performance" of the 4-whl disc brake system--as well as parking/emeergency brake not really holding much either. As my car had set in a museum for 4-5 years (ending 3 yrs ago now), I suspect the parking brake cable(s) has(have) been frozen for some time now. I've only driven the car about 400 mi in the past year & don't really remember using the parking brake--as I had earlier found it to be of no real value & had not yet looked into repairing it. Monte
  4. Good luck finding the EOS/Assembly Lube as GM has caved-in to EPA & are no longer producing it. You are limited to finding some current (older) supply that has not yet been cleared from GM dealers' shelves. Like some mental giant has said before,, "when they're gone-- they're gone" (or something to that effect). Good luck on your "search for EOS".
  5. There are so-o-o many penetrants out there that are better than "Liquid Wrench" of which PB Blaster is better & Aerokroil (Kano Labs) is better yet & I've heard reported yet another "good one"--but can't, for the life of me, remember it now. Soak daily "w/ good stuff", for about a week, & then do your tap & twist thing.
  6. Congratulations on the score! Sorry I missed your earlier blue 85 give-away. I'm not that familiar with the 84/85 "hot airs" but that looks like a fuel filter on driver side inner fender top with the blue line, and also does not look like stock location? Also, I can't ID re: yellow line w/ press gauge on pass side of engine. I would guess fuel pressure--but can't see the connection. The turbo 6 should seem very strong compared to our wheezy 307 V8s in these roadmonsters. Good luck & I'm sure you'll have it all spit-shined b4 long...
  7. Wow--what a find! I do remember the highly unusual custom car featured in a magazine--but that's all I can remember for now. Guess I've killed too many brain cells over the years! I'll keep grinding my gray matter--short of shock treatments.-----------Monte
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: sosuzguy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Great.. keep me in mind, I'm handy with the 307 Riv's and am a visual person to take pictures to illustrate. </div></div> Great--will do Jayson. Sorry about the earlier misspell of name--leaving out the "y". Again my memory was insufficient as I failed to look-back to ck spelling. Another assumption gone bad.. Tks again,,, Monte
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: sosuzguy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hum, I might can take a picture of mine together Friday or this weekend during the daytime if you'll hollar at me later on so I don't forget. JHP@airmail.net </div></div> Thanks for the offer Jason, but I just got ahold of another Riv owner (altho an 84) locally (well 32 miles away) & popped his hood & drew several sketches & solved my dilemma. I was also missing a bracket that was still in my parts washer (seeing his really made me feel stupid) & I could have likely saved the trip & this thread write-up.... P.S. He has a really nice 11k mi maroon hardtop & I think I cleaned up all the drool b4 closing hood.
  10. More info re: picture--I believe,,, Long bolt on right goes thru inboard side of AC comp'r to its adjusting bracket slot--w/ spacer between back of comp'r & slotted adj. bracket? Long bolt on left goes thru AC comp'r pivot, support brkt & air pump pivot bracket holes? Have no idea re: proper location of spacer & thick washer on left??? BIG ? is where/how "L" bracket goes/is installed??? Large bolt at btm (of 4 shown) is a mystery & may have come from Pwr Strg/ Alt'r side??? Small bolt at top (of 4 shown) goes in Air Pump adj brkt slot @ back? TIA again for any light y'all may shed on my gloomy condition,,, Monte
  11. Well, I messed up this time. About 2-3 months ago I removed all engine front accessories/brackets to replace a water pump. As I was going to replace pump in next several days, I skipped my usual sketching during disassembly--well you know the rest, my memory failed in mean time. Could someone please provide or direct me to a sketch/drawing showing AC & Air Pump bracketry/ spacers/bolts. I pretty well whipped the PS pump & alternator side. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Vehicle is 83 Riv Conv w/ 5.0 L (307 cu in) engine. I took a picture of my left-over "stuff" in question, but have not yet figured out how to post a pix for sure. Tried & if it uploaded OK I describe more in another post... TIA, Monte
  12. Larry, Thanks for "top repair" pkg--received this weekend. Looks like bouco help! Monte
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It is probably the top motor or relays or the switch. I have the manual for the 82 -85 tops, so if you email me your address I can email you a copy of the pages on how to repair. You can also find the instructions of how to operate the top MANUALLY, yes raise and lower by hand in the Riviera owners manual. Larry Tks for help offer assistance--sending you an e-mail,,, Tks, Monte ixlar8@gmail.com </div></div>
  14. Last time I tried to put my top down the elec motor stopped running & no results from pressing switch--either for down or up? After setting an undetermined time it worked again. Is there a relay or something in that circuit that may be going bad--I doubt it is just a bad switch on dash!? I later got the top up with one continuous swoop--was afraid to let-up on sw (as I did when putting it down--to position top folds & no restart). Help--I'm afraid to put my top down again. Now I just have a "hardtop" with lotsa wind noise & some rattles... <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />