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  1. Bill,I believe those 5035's are rear springs.and I've found two moog numbers for the front... 5396 for non a/c cars and 5030 for a/c cars.
  2. Check it the hard way? Dude! Punch it ,check it the fun way! sheesh. <img src="" alt="" />
  3. 3jakes ,i've heard that there are different carrier sizes so that not all parts interchange between 9 3/8 centers.But I've no idea if this is true.
  4. Easier said than done Tom...I've been looking for a year.I've found two so far ...The first was a chick in italy that had a posi center section for a 9 3/8 that she bought from a guy at V8 and it didn't fit her car.And now this one in New Jersey. I should just go with another type of rear and fabricate the mounts.
  5. Not such a nice find...Rear end was at Cars inc. and turns out that it was a consignment item and "out at some guys farm " and they could not give me a price on shipping.So I got an estimate on shipping myself and it was $760.00 <img src="" alt="" /> ...Back to square one.
  6. Is the 3-link suspension the same on a 65 gs as it is on my 64? I've finally found a rear axle from a 65 GS but unfortunately can't check it out in person so i need to know if it is gonna be a direct swap or not ASAP I do not want to let this one get away !
  7. Originally silver,previous owner painted her Torch red ...I couldn't hide this car if I tried!
  8. I think my pic got dumped for being too big <img src="" alt="" />
  9. You won't be happy using the contact adhesive,I'm doing my riv using an epoxy which will not be subject to temperature/humidity extremes as I'm in Louisiana.Also you need to back the veneer up with aluminum or lexan unless your using an engineered veneer.
  10. If you would like a custom set,I can help. I'm doing mine myself w/ a nice exotic burl.