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  1. Specificaly 1924 DB Business Coupes. Errol
  2. How many companies were making bodies for Dodges? And how can you tell which is which? Errol Brakeman
  3. I have been reading your reply to a vacuum motor problem. I have a 24 DB Business Coupe that has a hand operated wiper that I want to change to vacuum. Where could I get a vacuum motor? Errol Brakeman ebrake41@gpcom.net
  4. Hey Ron, Good to hear from you! I live in Gordon about 49 miles east of Chadron. My car is a 1924 DB business coupe. My love afair with my Dodge has been an ongoing thing. I have had it since I was 18 and I'm 65 now. I am a charter member of our local car club, Northwest Neb. Vintage Car Club. It is not Dodge specific and we do have members who live in Chadron. If you want to see a picture of my Dodge it is on our Hemmings web page. If you have a notion to want to email me for any reason, here is my address- ebrake41@gpcom.net Errol Brakeman Happy New Year!!
  5. I was reading an old post of your's wanting brake parts for your 25 Graham Brothers truck. I have a machanic's manual for my 24 Dodge and it says that if your truck is a 3/4 ton, it will take the same rear end as the Dodge car, so the brakes would be the same. Check with ROMAR, they have all kinds of new parts Dodge & Graham. Errol Brakeman
  6. Ron, I was reading your conversation with Reg. about your 42 Dodge and when you said you lived in Nebraska I perked up. I live in the panhandle in a small town called Gordon. It is about 48 miles east of Chadron. I don't have a 42 but I do have a 24 DB business coupe. It's noice to know there are some other Nebraskans besides me on here. What part of the state do you live in? Errol Brakeman
  7. My 24 DB has a hand operated wiper. Is this original? Even if it is I think I would prefer a vacuum motor instead. Errol Brakeman
  8. Nearchoclatetown, Hey thanks for the fast responce! I have the original door panels for my 24 but the oppolstery is almost non existant. What is left looks like black oilcloth or something like that. I have the sun visor (frame only) and it looks like maybe it could have been covered with the same material. That's why I was looking for literature on my car. I thought it might tell me what type of material was used on the inside of the car. I do know that the seat cushions were covered in leather. Thanks again! Errol Brakeman
  9. Dear Jeff, I am looking for the knob that goes on the inside of the windshield for my '24. It locks the windshield in either the out position or the closed position on the upper half. Thanks, Errol Brakeman
  10. Greetings All, Can someone tell me where I can get a Master parts book for my '24 Business Coupe. I need a referance book with lots of pictures and text telling me what was used for door panel upolstery, headliner ect. Errol Brakeman
  11. Hey Paul & Rodger, Thanks for the come back! I was pretty sure I was on the right track. But I have to tell you that I have no intention of hooking that thing up, because I don't drive my car in the winter. I concider it a stricly summer car. In my advanceing years I have come to love the warmer weather! Thanks, Errol
  12. Someone out there satisfy my curiosity! I have been reading through my mechanic's manual, and I can not find any referance to a heater. When I got my 24, one of the first things I noticed was a small aluninum grill directly below the bottom seat cushion. I took the grill off and found two small pipes. When I was under the car I saw a pipe elbow that attached to those small pipes. It is on the same side as the exhaust pipe. I naturally assumed that there had been at one time another pipe comming from the exhaust pipe to that elbow. Now, am I all wet, or is this actually a crude attempt to put heat into the car? I really would'nt have a whole lot of faith in such a contraption. It has the potential to be very dangerous. Errol Brakeman
  13. Would you happen to have an outside door handle for my 24 DB? Errol Brakeman
  14. To FMF, Errol here again. Can you heip me get the news letter you mentioned? Or tell me where I can locate one.? Thanks, Errol
  15. Dear Jeff S. I am looking for an outside door handle for my 24 DB business coupe. Would you happen to have such a critter? Errol Brakeman