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  1. Just got a quote of 225 to repair my speedo. Is this a reasonable Quote?
  2. I found out the hard way about the cheap pot metal. Antique speedometer has photos of the speedo I have. Emailed and waiting for a reply about repair or replacementThanks
  3. Try Romar. Bought bolts for my 26 there.
  4. Thanks Contacted the sellers and asked if they are working units. It looks just like my 26 unit. Wondering if these things are not working, if they are worth >$50?
  5. Cant seem to get my speedo to work. The magnet drags on ring no matter how I fiddle with it. I need a working speedo.
  6. My 26 has wooden wheels. The problem is that the tires for these cars are bias belted and if they sit for any length of time, the material on the inside of the tire settles on the bottom of the tire. Driving them for about an hour on hot pavement will redistribute the inner material and the tire will begin to run smooth. No ballancing will change the properties of the bias belted tire that has set for more than 1 week.
  7. Found a locking gas cap at Auto Zone. Dont remember the part number but I just looked at the ones they had available and found one that worked.
  8. Anyone got info on speedo repair? Mine is not working--the ring and magnet are dragging against each onther. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  9. The Maxi Vac Anco Wiper Motor Model MV1B in my 26 DB will go one way until I move the arm on the top ot the unit to the right or left. It will move right or left each time I move this lever. Is this unit a manual unit or should it move back and forth by itself? I would post a picture here but dont quite understand the image posting process.
  10. I have dissasembled, cleaned, and reassembled the vacuum wiper motor to my 26 DB. When I apply vacuum, it moves only in one dirction and then stops. It has plenty of strengyh when it moves the arm. When it stops, there is very little resistance when I move the arm back the other way until it gets to the stop and then the motor returns the arm with good strength. The motor is an Anco Maxi-vac model #MV-1b Should there be a return spring or is there another problem?
  11. where can i find an ammeter of volt meter to fit in my 26DB sedan?
  12. My 26 DB sedan has the water pump, generator, and distributor all running off one shaft on the passenger side of the engine. Removing the generator is no problem. How do you remove the water pump shaft from the distributor drive?
  13. Thanks RAH Will use the lower pressures--0- beau
  14. Do the 21 inch wheels carry the same air pressure as 24?
  15. anyone got an idea of what tire pressure I should run in my 26 DB business sedan with 24 inch woode spoke wheels?