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  1. Craig Hewitt, uh, I am not quite sure of what you mean. Could you tell me where about it would be? WK Davis, I do have the motor, but I am unsure if it is good or not. I believe the headlight motors are the same with all the years. They are also the same with the 87-88 Pontiac fieros. If they need to be rebuilt, they are pretty easy to rebuild. It would be easier to send a PM to me. I am able to respond to those a little faster.
  2. LOL yeah... I am thinking about doing that with my other spare. I am just woundering how he did it.
  3. ~gra8t scott. I am sorry to say that I don't have the bladder. The plastic was wrecked and if fell apart. ~Lane Loman. I don't think I do. I believe the only one that I did have was wrecked as well.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I guess to find a seat sking in good condition is kind of hard. I am talking is manikmakanic to see if he and I would do a trade. I was just curious. Thanks again.
  5. Dude.. I should do that with the spare that I have. Do you have the plans for this?
  6. Thanks for your help. I thought I would never be able to find the stock size for this car. Even if I did, I knew it would be a pretty penny to buy them. Thanks again
  7. The Driver's side mirror is faded... would you still want this one?
  8. K, I will see if I still have them around, or if they are intact. That is if my brother didn't get to them lol. My reatta does the same thing when it is cold out side. If I had to make an emergency stop it's as hard as a rock untill it warms up. I have never figured out why.
  9. I have an 88 that I am parting out. Do you know if it will work on an 89?
  10. How much would a good seat skin go for an 88.
  11. I do not have any usuable teves brake units. They all are bad.
  12. The black/tan 88's VIN 1G4EC11C9JB900856 no sun roof. The blue/blue 88's VIN 1G4EC11C1JB901925 Black body stripe and no sun roof.
  13. I am not sure if the back lighting works on that head light switch. I will check that out for you. I do have one drivers side mirror. I am not sure if it will work. I will have to test it out. I will take a pic of the tan peice that you requested. About the bumper strip, do you want the one that matches the body color, or is it black? I am unsure how to remove that.
  14. Hey guys... sorry for not responding right away. I was having trouble logging in to check this thread. I will check on your requests. Nemo, the hood is a little worse for ware. It's from the blue one. It would need some paint work. The CRT works great. Infact it was just replaced before the driver decided to send the poor thing into the ditch at 55 or so. KDirk, The tail light is in great shape. Although the "u" in buick is loosing the chrome plating. I do have another here that would need just a little cleaning, unless you would like for me to do it. I'll even polish it for you. lol I'll see how much it would be to ship. I will check on the weather stipping. I checked on the grill and there is a chunk missing in the middle at the top.