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  1. I've got it listed on E-Bay today for 5 days. Check it out,Item # 200102064933.1930 Franklin 145 L11 sedan. Jim
  2. I've got my 1930 Franklin for sale on E-Bay,Item # 200102064933. Check it out! I had listed it a few months ago,but apparently there were some questions regarding uninstalled doors and fenders,hood,grill,etc. I have since put those items back on the vehicle to show it's completeness. Check it out! Jim
  3. I may have what you're looking for,and I am in Akron,Ohio. You can contact me at ejeemco55@aol.com . Regards,Jim
  4. Eric,I may have what you're looking for,but not sure. Please contact me at ejeemco55@aol.com . Jim
  5. I have a lot of Atlas Brand Auto parts that are new in packages. Mostly from 50's and 60's. Check them out on E-Bay,Item # 200081920870. Many miniature bulbs and lights,6v and 12v,as well as many oil filter cartridges.3 days left and only one bid so far. No Reserve!
  6. Just listed on E-Bay! Item# 200081931412.5 days only!
  7. Just for a heads-up if anyone is interested. For sale on E-Bay,item# 200081931412. 1950 Crosley Supersport. Check it out!
  8. I have listed my 1930 Franklin 145 on E-Bay. Enter item # 200073674635 in search box.Happy bidding.Members can e-mail me at ejeemco55@aol.com for questions or add'l pictures,etc. Happy bidding. Jim <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  9. I have listed my 1930 Franklin 145 series on E-Bay.Enter item # 200073674635 in search.happy bidding! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  10. I have for sale a number of old car lights and lanterns,as well as some older horns.I have posted them on E-Bay under listing Item #200072653019.Listing runs for 5 more days.Check it out! [color:"blue"] Or you can e-mail direct at jimemco55@aol.com if they dont sell.
  11. I have a few lights and lanterns,some brass,some nickle-plated,but mostly steel and very rusty but some good glass.I also have an assortment of 40's thru 60's ATLAS brand filters,caps,wipers,plugs,etc. Also a good bit of small 6v and 12v lights and lamps. want to sell all at once! You can e-mail me and I will send you all the pics of the items,as for some reason,I cant seem to be able to post my pics on this site.Got a lot of old stuff,even a few tools like drum-puller,etc. I am located in Akron,Ohio,44312. My E-mail address is: ejeemco55@aol.com Pics posted on E-bay item# 200072653019.
  12. My Franklin:No story yet!
  13. FS misc lanterns and lights. I have aquired a number of lanterns and lights,a few being brass. I wish to sell these items. I have no idea what they came off of or the years of manufacture. Most are very rusty and in very poor condition. Some are brass,some appear to be possibly nickle-plate or similar due to their lack of corrosion and most are just plain rusty. Some appear to be electric,some carbide and some kerosine. Also have 4 or 5 oo-gah type looking horns from the same era.Also I have many,many new parts still in boxes of pcv valves,air filters,headlights, oil filters,oil filter cartridges,radiator caps,and many many small 6volt bulbs,signal lights,etc.Also some very small chrome wiper blade assemblies,high-beam floor switches,etc.,and two matching tires size 6.0-6.5x19" summer tread.Also have a couple of Motometer caps used,by Royce and a headlight assembly mounted on a headlight bar.The lenses on the headlights say "Essex Spreadlight".I also have about a dozen polce-type spotlights,used,some 6volt. I am cleaning out my playroom and wish to sell these items,as well as some not mentioned. If I knew of a place where I could just take everything and sell as a "lot",I certainly would,like ripping off a band-aid all at once to avoid the slow pain of piecing it all out.So,if anyone has any suggestions,I would appreciate it.I am located in Akron,Ohio zip code 44312. Thanks,Jim [color:"blue"]
  14. I would suggest calling your nearest junkyard. I'm sure they would have a rebuildable 70-80's straight 4 cylinder chevy engine complete. That would probably be your best bet,easy to work on,easily obtainable parts and good size. You should be able to have them "pull" one for you for $50 bucks max. stay in the 60's through 80's though,as earlier ones dont have all the confusing anti-pollution crap on them. Jimemco
  15. For sale; 1952 Crosley Farm-O-Road chassis with a wooden fire truck body built to it. Perfect restoration project for parades,etc.Transmission is removed but with the vehicle. Numerous lights,bells,fire extinguishers and stuff go with it. Vehicle has very long wheelbase,dual rear wheels,and engine is complete but has not been started or attempted for years. Vehicle last ran around 1990. Has 1 spare front mounted tire. Located in Akron,Ohio. Best offer over $3000. [color:"blue"]
  16. Mark; I dont know about repairs on the motometers,but I do happen to have a good moto if you cant repair. I have no idea what it is off of,but it seems to be still intact. Can send you a pic if you'd like. Good luck,Jim <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  17. Thanks for the info,I'll try Coker. Jim
  18. I am looking for 6 lock rings for my franklin rims. just had rims (wire) powder coated and ready to install on car to make it moveable in preparation to sell. Needs restored,though. Garaged for 30 years and partially disassembled. I am in Akron,Ohio. Help ! [color:"blue"]
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