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  1. Steve Have they decided if registered members will be allowed on the show field Friday
  2. If there’s not going to be a host hotel where would the banquet be held Saturday and what time.
  3. Need a pair of sealed beam headlights made by "Guide" No. 925000 or 1931195 on the box.
  4. Joe assume when you say recoated you mean not paint. Well if not I just went down to work on my Carbuetor and finally had my first gas leak and quest what!!! That's right the paint that's made for It is starting to come off. So I'm here to say and from others that I now believe it's best to leave it like original or better if recoated like the original coating.
  5. I painted it to simulate an original metal color although it turns out looking like a more of a solid color then the goodish look. My question should be are we aloud to use Simulated paint for the carburetor like we can for cad plating <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  6. I was recently at a National meet and had a National Judge question me about my Carburetor how it stood out. I have painted mine in detail with two colors that are available. I didn’t question the judge at that time but this does have me wondering if being question was that a good thing or bad. All though I made it this far with the Carburetor being painted and now getting ready for my Grand can someone tell me is ok to leave it this way or should I just leave it natural looking so it does not stand out.
  7. This engine was good and strong when taken out of my 51 truck three years ago and has been in my garage. Has a big 48 stamped on the side of the block. Was put in the truck new out of crate in the mid 70's with very low miles. It will need some tender loveing care like new gasket set. Comes only with block, head, valve cover, intake manafold,waterpump, you will need every thing else. $300 obo. Can make arrangments to bring to Hershey.
  8. I'm in the need of new tires. Should I stay with the Bly tires or go with Radials. If go with Radials will I get any swaying from them.
  9. I need to buy new tires for my truck and not sure witch way to go. I have a Chevy 1/2 ton and the factory tires were Firestone or Goodrich. I have read that you do not judge tires by the brand name but by the tire size. Do you also judge the ply of the tire? Firestone and goodrich only come in 4ply and my truck calls for 6 ply. Lester tire company makes my tire in 6 ply not that I need the 6 ply any more but not sure witch way to go for judging.
  10. I would just like to bring this to the Judges attention. The link below is of a 53 Chevy original truck. With the wood of the bed painted the same color as the body. This is the same way that my 51 was painted. I will say this, is the only other truck that I have seen Body color prior to 1955. I have no documents backing this up but again I have not seen any documents at all on Truck Beds. So I just wanted to add this information to this on going discussion. Thanks David http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Chevrolet...sspagenameZWDVW
  11. I would just like to bring up here the history of my family own truck. Some May already have heard. I have a 51 that had the board’s body color from new. No one not even the family own Chevy Dealer can answer this. The last time I showed my truck at an AACA meet I may have lost points on this because of no documents. So I had decided to replace with nice new boards to go with the new restoration as well to be correct for the future. I have been to Rick Hoover place and saw the truck bed that is posted in this Forum. The way Ricks Bed Sheen is laid at goes along with A member that I have been chatting with from the VCCA Club. I believe this member has worked for GM and is saying that the bed was but together first then painted gloss black making the boards looking has a semi or (Flat) Sheen after soaking in to the wood. Then the bed was installed in the box. I have been to the Hersey Library last summer and no document was there at that time. I would just like to say that I’m glad that the beds are going to be judge to the correct color and spies, but is there a document saying Flat Black be for, one I finish my truck bed, and two before I have points taken off? Would this not fall under the Over Restoring rule if some one was trying to preserve the wood with a longer lasting paint or stain as long as it was Black?
  12. This is a strong running eng, a no smoker that was taken out last winter that has been garage kept. Block # is GAA 816150. $500.00 pick up only no shipping, located near York PA. e-mail me at Bosley5@dishmail.net
  13. I have a chevy truck that had chrome plated chevy emblem and hub caps. would there be any point taken off if these were replaced with the stainless steel replacements.
  14. I have not Sean a new finish on any thing yet. Just going by what was originally Cad plated. I believe it is a flat finish and looks more like a galvanize.
  15. Restorer32 That's funny that varnished boards are accepted, Because I had more questions regarding my body painted boards that are still the original 51 boards that should of been painted "stained" black
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