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  1. Hi -can anyone help with advice on removing the gearbox from the engine on a 1916 Maxwell? I have no manula but there is clearly something around the clutch release that is preventing removal - if anyone can help with manual info I would be very grateful. Graham
  2. Robert - thanks for the info, you confirmed my guess that they had little in common with the road cars, although the front axle does look like a heavy tourer axle to me. Best of luck with the book, Graham
  3. Having just bought a 1916 Maxwell in dire need of wire wheels I wonder if anyone has a good set? I would also like a heavy tourer type front axle - the one with the deeper drop than the shallow V on the light tourer. Thanks Graham
  4. Robert - have you find out more about the spec of the racers? I have a standard rolling chassis that would be nice to modify along those lines but apart from some photos I cannot find any technical material about similarities with normal cars. There must have been a lot of period tuning tricks for these cars - where do you start to look? Graham
  5. grahama

    1916 Maxwell

    Hello - I have just bought a 1916 touring model with all the big bits in place but crude speedster body and unusable wooden wheels. Was there an aftermarket tuning market (like Fords) for modifying the hubs to take wire wheels (21") and does anyone have any sound wheels I could buy? Also, did they make tuning parts for the engine like aluminum heads or larger/twin carbs? The bore seems the same as a Harley.. An address for the Reigistry would be good too. Thanks in advance, Graham (UK)
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