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  1. i have been having problems finding the correct carb for my 1937 2 door graham....its mounted on the supercharger but all the carbs that i have found dont have the proper line openings for this car. if someone has the same engine 6cyl..please let me see a pic of how your carb is plumbed..and the linkage also. thanks ken sams
  2. this is the same emblem that i have on my 1923 maxwell sedan..the 3 down arrows on the emblem represent the 3 main bearings that these motors have in was a new idea at that time i guess.
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    ok just emailed it to you, yes the file is to big to add here as an attachment.
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  6. no bill i just bought my max in oct of 2004....its probably worse than yours but i am taking it anyway...he he he...they want to see it so i am going to take it and let them see it...hope i can meet someone there that has as much interest in maxwells as my son and i are... we cant find anyone that even knows what a maxwell is...everyone thinks its a model A ford...when they look at it and cant find any ford emblems they ask what it is..there is a max emblem on the radiator, so it shouldnt be to difficult to figure out...i just purchased a post card pic of the maxwell-chalmers plant in michigan and also a production report for jan 9 1914 showing the daily and weekly totals and also total cars built to date...and also have many other items that i found around the net.i do have the owners manual for my max and also a service and repair manual for it also..the repair manual covers many different autos in it not just the maxwells...
  7. Yipsalni, michigan.....the W.P.Chrysler museum is honoring maxwells this year .. There will be a country drive on june 4th about 40 miles round trip. The show will be on june 5 th.... no registeration on the day of the show you have to preregister and its only 16 dollars per car entered in the show.
  8. we will be attending the car show in june and hope to see every one there. this is goiung to be a lot of fun metting others and seeing there cars... BE THERE !
  9. the american lafrance firetruck company also made a 12 cyl engine for cars and trucks..year unknown by me though but i have seen only one that was in the car at the factory when i worked there in the late 70's before they went belly up...
  10. could anyone please tell me what the part number is for the points for a 1923 maxwell?....any idea where i can locate them? i have the original owners manual for this car and it tells everything but that... thanks ken sams
  12. i am in need of the knee shock straps for my car do you know the proper size for these straps? can they be home made or should i purchase them and where would i get them. thanks
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