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    Mercer Roster

    Bob, The new roster is in the works but in the meantime log onto http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/mercer_cars/ and join our little group. There is a database section I compiled about different Mercer models you ALL might find interesting. Enjoy ! Check out the photo section. Karl
  2. type35o

    Mercer Roster

    Is Frank Millers car the same as Joel Naive? In looking through dads Mercer Associates Roster from 1962 it shows Frank Miller Glendale, Ohio the owner of type 35-K ser # 1186. Fast forward to a roster from 1993 it shows #1186 belonging to Joel Naive ex Ed King ex Frank Miller. Just for the record, my car # 2011, belonged to Jim Proffit ex Dick Teague ex Bill & Doug Magee ex H.Morris Borrows ex J.E.Miller ex Tom Carstens. It is sad that all but one of the '13 & '14 runabouts were cut up into raceabouts. Having lived with both, the runabout has the creature comforts that along with the smooth transmission makes it a delight to drive. I have to add that Roger Ellis is still a hero to me in that he succeeded in building the 35-F when most thought it a folly. Credits also go to Fred Hoch who built parts that "they" said couldn't be built. I first met both in dads garage counting ring & pinion teeth on dads raceabout figuring out a gear ratio for the racer. Still a fond memory. Karl
  3. type35o

    Mercer Roster

    Ivan, Bob and Wayne, I loved reading the ancedotes of your Mercer experiences. The car truely is a joy to drive as Laura and I tour as often as possible. I will try to send a picture of the '13 runabout of Joel Naives that Ken Stauffer gave me from 1996. In it you can see the different body lines particularly the rear fenders and the narrower body. The chassis is on a 108" vs the '14's 118" WB. The '14 has the brake and shifter inside the body work. I hope you will see a picture I scored off Ebay of the '53 Glidden tour showing Mr. J E Miller Jr. and (Mrs.?) wearing the exact same clothes he did in the '56 tour ! Pretty funny. Two similar automobiles yet two distinctly different cars. Part of the Mercer Magic. 1913 Mercer 1914 Mercer Thank You and Hope to see you soon. Karl Darby
  4. type35o

    Mercer Roster

    Dear Mercerphiles, Stan Smith has been trying to update the roster concerning the whereabouts of certain Mercers. Perhaps anybody on this list can help locate these cars. I have copied the questions as sent to me and are as follows: I do have a question or two relative to my updating the MERCER ASSOCIATES ROSTER: As usual I"ve had no luck with the Auction Houses in letting me know who bought a Mercer. Do you know the names ( and at least the State they live in) of new owners for these T-Heads? 1. The Wingard/Chandler 1911 Raceabout S/N 478 2. The green 1913 ex-Hempel Raceabout S/N 1330 3 .and who has the 1912 Touring ( no S/N, but M/N 584 ) that I have as owned by a Robinson of Calif. It was once owned by Dr. Shafer of Calif ( 1950 and 60's) and then went to Harrah's Collection. I hope it still exists and wasn't converted to a Raceabout. 4. Speaking of possible conversions, do you have the name of the gent who bought the Naive Runabout S/N 1186 ? John R introduced me to him at Hershey a year or so ago...I lost track of his name - he lives in the Midwest? Thanks for your input. Karl Darby
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