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  1. To help in the repair of the wiper tower assy, we have made up the cog on the base where the chains attach. These often have one of the ears or the tab where it links to the linking arm broken off . These work well however you simply attach with a screw to the linking arm vs. the original ball joint. Boos-Herrel 215-965-8296
  2. A few made up on these. Stainless outter. Boos-Herrel 215-965-8296
  3. Currently working on these if any interest..... Boos-Herrel 2150965-8296
  4. Great to see the springs/retainers out there. We also had them made up in a limited batch, but as usual, things made in the US are more expenseive! We did the thin ring that goes between the lens and tail light body as well if needed. Center grille strips are in the works too! Boos-Herrel 215-965-8296
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    you can reach me at 215-965-8296 Chris
  6. herrel


    I have the Lincoln scripts reproduced in laser cut brass, polished $75 ea. They are excellent, and have the pins.
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