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  1. Another main factor in value is wether or not the origial correct base plate is missing. Someone should repop the base plate in the future.
  2. ...on ebay.#170025754408. This is a complete kit new in the box. Box looks ruf but emblem is nos mint~!
  3. ....on ebay with low reserves.Seperate auctions #170026869233 and #170026866349
  4. ...on ebay,just to be fair.#170026866349. Reserve is low.
  5. on Ebay #170022650804. No vin , data tag only.A pice of Cadillac memorabilia or use to do a color change.
  6. On Ebay #170022652209. Driver side rust free bumper end.Driver quality.No dings/dents.
  7. It still makes me sick to think about the '53 Skylark I could have bought for $1,800. in 1990. Sitting at a tranny shop in Lakeland,Fla. for several years . It was solid,original,running and driving.Needed a restoration. I figured that the owner would want $10,000 for it,so I never inquired . Until it was too late. My curiosity got to me.So ,summer 1990,I stopped by the tranny shop and ask the owner-he said that it he had just sold it a fews days before,for $1,800. to a Canadian fella. By not asking and assuming, I blew my only easy chance at owning a dream car.
  8. on ebay . #170019825958. Someone else has an NOS 1946 grille assembly listed . This is not connected to my auction but a coincedence
  9. on ebay-cheap starting price!$35. each. 170019831811 and 170019832887. These are the 90 fin drums off of a '69 Riviera GS
  10. YEP! That's true. Years ago,I had a job at a salvage yard.Of course,I had a couple of personal cars parked there,off to the side.The crusher came in the week I was on vacation. Nothing like coming back from a vacation to find your '70 Pontiac GTO 455 4spd ragtop and '75 Cutlass 442 bigblock car GONE! Titles were not in my name so,guess what? SOL.
  11. on Ebay#170014636757 and 170014634605. New in the box '73 Polara front signal lenses
  12. on ebay-5days $25. #170014643596 and 170014641289
  13. On ebay #170012495340. This is the passenger side.Driver side available,but handle lever is broken.This is being repro'd at 49.95 for the handle lever. This is off of a '63 Bonneville but fits all big GM ragtops. Interior 1/4 trim (ashwell) covers are at auction ,too.
  14. This sold very cheap!It is not available anymore.
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