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  1. Being a judge and Team Captain for AACA for 25 years I know how sometimes the people judging the cars think they have all the knowledge of the vehicles they are judging. When I show my cars and when I will be showing the 29 I will have the documentation to show what is right. The problem is if it is not a major deduction you will not know where you got points deducted until you request the the VP of Judging for a summery of you judging sheet. Cheers-Don
  2. Hi Dave, I did some research and I found that from the beginning of production until Feb. of 1929 the Rumble Step plate was square. From Feb. 1929 till end of production the step plates where round. My car was built in September of 1929 so the round step plates are correct. If you have documentation that tells different please let me know so I can be sure.
  3. Thanks Dave, I am in FL now and the car is in NY. I am getting a Model A Ford Club of America Judging Manual for the car and I will be going over all the changes I need to make for Hershey. I go to Hershey every year and I am a Team Captain mainly for Corvettes. This will be a new experience for me with the Model A. Do you judge in Hershey? Cheers-Don
  4. Thanks for the information on the steps and the spokes. I am planning on taking it to Hershey in the fall and I want to make it all correct. Just for the record we can't find who owned it in 1977 but it received a First Junior as it stands. I went to Hershey and researched the car and sound not find any information on it or the owner.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you know if they can be left on for AACA judging?
  6. I just bought this 1929 Model A Sport coup and my question is I can't find any information on the wheels. The car has chrome spoke wheels, was this option available from the factory or the dealer.
  7. I am now a proud owner of a 1929 Model A Ford. I would like to learn all about the cars history. There is a AACA tag on the front that shows it was a National First Prize Winner in 1977. None of the paperwork I got with the car has any information on this tag and the person I bought it from knows nothing. I would like to show this car and go for the Senior Award. How car I find out who owned the car in 1977 and how do I verify with AACA the car won and what would be the number assigned to the car by AACA.
  8. Where is the Vanity Fair parking lot for trailers and will the lot have a guard Saturday night until Sunday.
  9. Steve, Thank you for the answer I was looking for. I will show this to the AACA member and the non-AACA member and hope that they change their mind about what they want to do. You are right, the non-member does not want to join AACA "BUT" he wants to brag that his truck won an award from AACA.
  10. Is it legal for a AACA member to enter a car that a non-AACA person owns in a National Meet.
  11. Can anyone tell me if an AACA Club should have a Not For Profit status with the IRS and report on a yearly bases. The AACA in Hershey, PA is a Not For Profit and has a 501©3 status with the IRS. I would think if they have this status all region clubs must be the same. I went to the IRS web site and if a club is 501©3 it must fill out from 1023 with the IRS. I also see if a club gives out scholarships (our club does) they must fill out Schedule H on form 1023.
  12. No we don't have an ID. I belong to a ambulance corp, not for profit. We got hit with a $5,000 fine for not reporting.
  13. Does a AACA club need to report to the IRS that it is a Not For Profit org.. If so, what forms need to be filled out.
  14. I just bought a 51 Ford pickup. The V8 engine is painted "PURPLE". This can't be the right color. Does anyone know what color the engine was painted in 51.
  15. I received my Senior award this spring in Greensburg,PA. Can I enter my car in the Fall Hershey Meet and go for my Preservation Award
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