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  1. Phil, sorry I can't help you with the top supplier you are asking about, but since the subject is 1940-8 Lincolns, I just completed my 47 Zephyr Convertible (see attachment)and did not use any of the original window or top cylinders if any one needs them. I also have the door window mechanisms and the front vent glass regulators and handles complete. Also have complete rechromed front bumber assembly. I have a few other items but I need to get a more complete inventory to post.
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Cecil. Please explain to me how you attach your photo address. I am new at this. Thanks, Jalopyguy
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate it. The car is powered by a 454 big block Chevy with a 700R4 trans and a 9" Ford Rearend. It has a 69 Camero front clip with big block springs and dropped spindles. Windows and top are all power and the doors are remote. I will attach a engine photo. Jalopyguy
  4. It appears as though I can only send one picture attachment per post so here is another view. I wish I could send several for all to view? Jalopyguy
  5. Here is a picture of my Lincoln (I hope). The entire drive line was missing so I knew I could not restore the car but I also knew it had to be salvaged. Feel free to comment, good or bad, don't care cause I did it my way! Jalopyguy
  6. I am pretty new to this site and have been away for awhile because I would rather be working on my car than trying to figure out how to drive this computer. I have been working pretty intense for the past two years plus but the car is finally on the road. I want to attach some pictures for all to view but I can't seem to figure out exactly how it is done. Is there a site address to down load to? My photos are jpg. files. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jalopyguy 1947 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible 1946 Ford Convertible 1947 Ford 2dr Sedan
  7. I really appreciate the response to my question concerning how many 1947 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible coupes were built. It still seems to be a mystery to many of us. I thought one of the vetern Lincoln folks would have this data. I will keep looking. I will be glad to post a picture of my car with what history I have been gathering on it in about a month. In the mean time, if anyone can contribute to my quest for the build numbers on the 47 convertibles, I would be very greatfull. Jalopyguy
  8. Does any one know how many of the 47 Lincoln Zephyr Convertibles were built or where I can get this information?
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