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  1. I wonder if the Dickson Fleetwood was a standard Fleetwood to accompany the Queen's special made Fleetwood with partial "Bubble Top"? I just do not think that the special custom car would be offered to the public for sale so soon. The custom was used by the Queen and President Eisenhower to open the Seaway. Also this same custom Fleetwood was used by the Kennedys during the JFK Presidency. The custom Fleetwood is currently being restored by the current owner who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. I think the Dickson car was used in the procession maybe as a back up car in Winnipeg rather then the actual one used by the Queen. If it had been the custom one made available to the Queen, I believe Dickson would have given a more detailed description of the car in its ad. If I am wrong and Dickson was given the opportunity to sell the custom Fleetwood then that would even be a greater feat for the Winnipeg dealership who also sold Buicks! Charles-the words "Royal Parade" certainly grabs one's attention when used in connection with a black 59 Fleetwood Cadillac!
  2. I still continue to research and tout the Canadian Buick Dealership of Winnipeg known as Dickson Motors that existed from 1948 to approximately 1973 where my 59 Buick landed after being manufactured in Oshawa. In an ad posted above by Carla, Dickson Motors who also sold Cadillacs is stating that they have for sale a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood that was used in the "Royal Parade" that has now been released to them by General Motors Products. The ad appears in the July 29, 1959, edition of the Winnipeg Free Press and describes the car as a beautiful black 1959 Fleetwood Sedan that is high-styled. Indeed according to the historic timeline of Winnipeg, a Royal couple did visit Winnipeg on July 24 and 25 of 1959. Their names were Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh! There is no picture of the car and neither do we know for sure that the famous couple actually rode in the car-just that the car was in the "Royal Parade". Still this is quite a credit for Dickson. Charles
  3. In still searching old ads for Dickson Motors of Winnipeg in the Winnipeg Free Press archives, I found an ad showing a diagram of Dickson with its three lots located. Carla will post this on Monday. Further I found a listing for a used 1953 Buick Riviera Hardtop in the December 4, 1953, issue for sale at Dickson for $3695 as a "Christmas Special". The car was finished in Horizon Blue and Regetta Blue Special leather and nylon upholstery. Is this a rare color combination? Charles
  4. Dickson Motors placed a joint ad with Winnipeg Motor Products Limited in February of 1959 in the Winnipeg Free Press calling the 59 Buick "Year's Most Beautiful Car!". I will have Carla post a copy of that ad on Monday. Here is one line from the ad that got my attention: "From the fashion centre of Paris to the cities and rural communities of Canada, came the same enthusiastic admiration...this is THE CAR, Buick '59." Charles
  5. Thank you John so much! I am thrilled to have these pictures. This is where Buick history was made! The location and building (Portage at Furby) well deserve to be highlighted on this thread! Charles
  6. John, when you go, I would like to see a picture of the ramp used to drive on top of the building. Also some inside shots would be nice as well as all around the building. I would like to see shots of Winnipeg from all directions from on top of the building. I am keeping a notebook on Copper Top and would love to add your photos to the notebook. I have gained alot of respect for Canadian built Buicks. Could you scan your oldest and newest Buick brochures from Dickson for me as well as the club for inclusion here? Thanks, Charles-also did Dickson build the building when it first moved into it in December of 1949 or was it already existing? If there is a cornerstone that should be photographed as well. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks Brian. I have sent now an email to Robert Blair informing him of the tragedy. I am not aware of any other Buicks in the O'Quinn collection. Charles
  8. My fellow Buick lovers I must report that the famous attorney of Houston, Texas, Mr. John M. O'Quinn died today in Houston in a car crash. Mr. O'Quinn was an avid car collector owning 1,000 collector cars. Among them is the Motorama 1954 Buick Landau. What will be its fate? Charles D. Barnette
  9. John, do you have in your possession a new car brochure from Dickson on the 1959 Buick? If so please send me a copy and post it on this site. I would be most grateful? Charles-I would like to add it to the material I am gathering on "Copper Top".
  10. Derek, you told me about the "Vintage Car Services" that GM of Canada offered. I can now report that GM of Canada has confirmed the paint codes of "Copper Top" and its interior as being correct; and they have given me the birthday of "Copper Top" as being November 20, 1958. However more importantly they have confirmed that "Copper Top" is only one of 670 1959 Buick Invicta 4 door hardtops built for sale in Canada! Charles
  11. Derek, by combing through the newspaper archives of The Winnipeg Free Press, I have discovered that the first date that Dickson Motors conducted business from the location of Portage at Furby was December 19, 1949. I look forward to receiving your current picture of the building used by Dickson that still stands at that location. Charles
  12. Ironic that Dickson Motors, for which "Copper Top" served as a demonstrator vehicle until sold to Mr. Bill Ellis, became an authorized dealer for GM in 1948-the year of my birth! Charles D. Barnette
  13. I have just got to share this link with the BCA as I have already done with the 1959 Buick Division. When you view this link, you will see the arrival of "Copper Top" to Texarkana documented. Also you will see and hear a live musical performance germane to the arrival! Charles
  14. Good to hear from you Roy. Copper Top was it as far as Buicks at the show other than the Buick from the 20s owned by Roger Booth which is housed inside the Museum which you saw last year. There was much doubt over when Copper Top would reach Texarkana. She only arrived by transport from California 10 days before the show. There really was no time to advertise her appearance. Charles-I am still trying to figure out Copper Top's Canadian history.
  15. As the 1959 Buick Division already knows, I am now the proud owner of a 1959 Buick 4 door Invicta Hardtop as of last month. She is special, because she was made in Canada with an external color combination that could only be ordered in Canada (not in the USA). She is Artic White with a Copper color top, thus I call her "Copper Top". Carla will post in a separate post shortly pictures taken on September 29 when the car arrived in Texarkana and on October 10 when the car made its debut in Texarkana at the Tex-Ark Antique Auto Museum Show in Texarkana for the Quadrangle Festival. The pictures include the car posing at the old Lewis Buick dealership building (now abandoned and not in use) where my dad bought a similar car brand new in 1959 (except his car had a white roof), the car at Highland Park Elementary School where my dad picked me up as fifth grader in his brand new 59 Buick, the label found in the trunk, and the car on display at the show last Saturday. I just got to show her with her new Texas tag as well. Now I feel like a real member of the BCA. Charles D. Barnette
  16. In the September/October 2009 issue of Car Collector appears a wonderful article on the 42 Buick made into a truck by Edward Ragsdale for his daughter Mimi. This vehicle is referenced in this post by Brian Laurance in 2005. It is as noted owned by Paul and Mary Ann Meyer. The article appears on pages 56-62, and it was written by noted writer Bud Juneau. The photography is stunning! The article is entitled "A Buick For Mimi". Charles D. Barnette-the pictures show a reunion of Mimi with Mimi.
  17. The Columbia Pictures release of Julie & Julia has with one Buick brought our hobby to the forefront in my opinion! From one movie reviewer we get that the presence of the Buick station wagon in the film is "a sight to behold". From another we get the following: "Yet Ricker's little touches such as a remarkable 1949 (sic-1950) four-porthole, wood-bodied Buick station wagon add class and veracity." I believe our Buick Club of America has never owed so much to one Buick before as far as classic Buick exposure-and apparently the new "auto star" lives in France! Charles D. Barnette-who owns it?
  18. Thanks Mr. Earl I will check it out! Meanwhile I found some information about the Buick in the Julie & Julia movie. On the web is an interview with Mr. Mark Ricker, the film's production manager. The interview was contained in an article written by Mr. Darrell Hartman. When Ricker was asked about the car, he had the following description to give: "A 1947 (sic-clearly it was a 1950) wooded blue Buick station wagon. They called it "The Blue Flash". We found it in France. It could have been Paul and Julia's original car, as far as we know."
  19. Last night I went to the local Cinema Theater with friends to see a movie entitled "District 9". After only 10 minutes of viewing that film, my friends and I left this "science fiction film" to seek sanity a few doors down in the same theater. We found the movie Julie & Julia with the beautiful 50 Buick "woodie" wagon beginning the film. That beautiful "waterfall grille" on the car convinced me right off the bat that I was viewing the correct movie for me on this night. I wonder if the owner of the car is in the club. The owner certainly should be! Did anyone see the credits and was there anything there mentioning the Buick? In my opinion, Meryl Streep gave a performance portraying Julia Child worthy of an Oscar award. But the real star for me was that Buick! Charles D. Barnette
  20. In reflection, I truly must say The Buick National Meet at Colorado Springs exceeded all expectations! The first people I met and shook hands with on my arrival at the Colorado Springs airport were Tom Darrow (son of the outgoing BCA President Bill Darrow) and his beautiful wife. We all three shared a Doubletree Hotel van. One of the last persons I shook hands with after the Saturday night BCA Awards Banquet was again Tom Darrow who is really a nice young man reflective of fine future leadership for the BCA in my opinion. In between the handsakes lay a road of sheer enjoyment with the B59 tour riding in the Stoltenbergs' 59 Buick allowing me to sing B59 by the Medallions to my heart's content, the B59 Banquet served up by Sue Luck, The AACA Forum Breakfast where I got to meet Roberta, the attendance at the Flying W Ranch with the Chuck Wagon Dinner and the Western Show (they even mentioned Texarkana -my hometown-in one of their songs), the 249 Buicks on display of which at least 32 were B59s, the drive on the Interstate where I got to drive Brian Laurance's wonderful 1959 Buick Electra 4 door hardtop, and finally the 1959 Buick LeSabre wagon winning the Kaser award on Saturday night. We all share the common thread of love for the vintage automobile and the people who own them! Charles D. Barnette
  21. Part 2 of the raw footage of the Landau at the Tex-Ark Antique Auto Museum has now been placed on You Tube. In the next email, a link to that footage will be given. Charles D. Barnette
  22. Roy, no apology needed. Just hearing the name Landau and the name Texarkana was enough for me as it made me feel right at home. You earned that award being the sole representative in Texarkana from the BCA, and you extended the life of the great Landau and our Museum by your excellent coverage. I am very proud to know both you and your wife (got to meet her in Colorado Springs) and count you both as personal friends-this is what the club is all about! Charles D. Barnette
  23. Dear Mr. Earl, I won at the AACA Forum Breakfast on Friday your autographed picture of you in a 54 Buick along with your 1959 AMT 1/25th scale Buick model (your gift exchanged hands three times during the "gift excahange", but I was determined to get what Mr. Earl had sent). Carla has already posted these items on this site along with the badge emblem of "Deane Buick Co." This famous Buick dealer operated for many years in Denver, Colorado (notice the depiction of the 59 flat-top Buick in the emblem). This item was won by Roy Faries, and he gave it to me knowing my passion for the 59 Buick. Speaking of Roy, you will be happy to know that he won a major literary award from the BCA Saturday night for his wonderful article in the March 2009 issue of the Bugle entitled "The 1954 Buick Landau Reunion" which is the event that happened in Texarkana with the reuniting of the original cups and thermos of the Landau with the Landau! Congratulations Roy! Charles D. Barnette
  24. Colorado Springs 2009 was my first BCA National to attend, and it was fantastic! I was particularly interested in the 50th anniversary celebration of the 59 Buick. The Buick 59 Division of the BCA was so "hot" that they blew out the boiler that heated water for the Crowne Plaza thus providing only cold water to cool us B59 lovers down. My legal assistant Carla will post shortly 16 of my pictures taken at this meet. I will provide the captions. Enjoy! Charles D. Barnette
  25. Mr. Earl, the beautiful building in the background is Beech Street First Baptist Church of Texarkana, Arkansas, where I have been the church pianist for over 35 years-my parents were married there. The sanctuary part with the dome was built in 1906. I feel sure that you and I are destined to meet someday on this earth. I will keep you posted on Colorado Springs and the B59 Party. Charles
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