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  1. I have a complete 1912 four cylinder Pierce Arrow motorcycle engine. I am not sure that I will sell this, but I am considering it. The engine is complete, and in very good shape. The original exhaust, carb, flywheel, and intake are all still there. The Engine has been stored in a dry area and was stored full of oil. It turns over easily, but does still have compression. All valves still actuate off of the cams, and I'm sure it would run with just cleaning and adjusting of all the appropriate parts. I am curious as to what the value of this engine would be.
  2. Hello all, I am looking for a Pierce Arrow four cylinder motorcycle frame. I have the engine and need the rest of the bike. If you have, know of, or have heard a rumor about one of these frames, I would appreciate you passing that information on to me. Any people with parts for one of these bikes or knowledge of parts for one of these bikes, I would appreciate your information also. Thanks for any help.
  3. If you are still looking at this site, I wish I could help you. I can't. I am looking for a Pierce motorcycle frame. If you happen to know of a four cylinder frame or any other parts for the four cylinder, I am looking for a frame. I'd appreciate any information you could provide.
  4. All right, I was hoping for these types of responses. You guys are great. All of the information is appreciated. If you guys can get back to me with more info, I appreciate it greatly. I have been in touch with just a few people on this subject. I've actually had this engine for just a few weeks. I knew about it for over a year, and was finally able to make a deal on the engine just recently. I didn't want to do too much advertising until I actually owned the engine. Now that it is mine, I have just started looking for parts. My eventual goal is to have a complet motorcycle and ride it around. I have been involved with collecting cars and bikes since I was 14. As of now, I have lost count of how many bikes I've owned through the years. This bike, I will keep. I have a shop with 6 bikes in it right now, and the wife doesn't really understand why I still need more? Anyway, I've never owned anything nearly as old as this, but it was always a dream of mine to own something this old. Now, I have the first piece of my long sought after genuine antique motorcycle. It may take a while, but this is one bike I either have to find a frame for or reproduce a frame for it. At least I have some experience with this stuff. I have done complete restorations on several automobiles and a couple of motorcycles already, so thank youfor all of the help.
  5. I just purchased a complete 1912 (est). Pierce Arrow motorcycle engine. Mine is the 4 cylinder model. The engine is complete down to the original exhaust and carburetor. It has compression and everything seems to be in working order. I believe it would probably run, but I plan on doing a teardown before attempting that. I would really like to make a complete motorcycle out of this. Since this is a very rare motorcycle, I'm posting this on the slim chance that someone out there has a frame or parts of a frame. If you have any info on any parts to this motorcycle, I would appreciate you sharing that info with me. If you have parts to one of these motorcycles, I would love to get in touch with you. Even if you do not want to sell your parts, I would apprecicate you allowing me access to your parts so that I can make reproductions by copying the original parts. I know that is a lot to ask, but I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks for any response, Brian10
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