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  1. Yup, you are right about resistance and grounds. I have run an extra ground wire to each headlight and to the back for that tail lights. It makes a big difference. Thanks Mike
  2. Thanks for the help. When I tried each bulb I didn't notice a difference in brightness, yet the difference in wattage should have made it so. I'll have to try it again some time. Mike
  3. My 1940 Chevrolet developed a headlight problem and I had to replace one bulb. After searching around thru all my stuff I found three different bulb all of which worked, but I'm wondering what is the difference between these bulbs, AND is there a listing of these types of bulbs that would have any specifications for them. The bulbs I have are GE 4030, GE5040S and Westinghouse 6006. Thanks Mike
  4. It's a GT 8774B. AND..... I need 3 of the upper spring hardware, the piece that looks like a stovepipe top hat. Thanks Mike
  5. Well.... I purchased new springs from EGGE machine, plus a number of new valves. BUT... we dropped a horse shoe keeper into the oil pan. So the pan had to come off. Now I'd like to check the bearings, but don't have any torque spec's for the rods or mains. Also Curti, you sent me the name of a guy who knows these engines, but I lost it. Could you send it again? I'd appreciate it. Thanks Mike
  6. No..... just a valve refresh and some new springs. The engine was sound and would develop good pull. Mike
  7. Thanks, I'll call after the holiday. The Gardner suffered a broken valve spring. The engine would make a strange bell like sound, besides running crumby. The valves seem to be OK, but a little closer inspection is needed. The engine was last worked on about 35 years ago and rebuilt maybe 25 years prior to that. In the picture you can see the missing valve. That is the spot where the spring failure took place. No 4th of July parades this year. I'm hoping that I can find enough valve springs to replace them all. And maybe I can just lap the valves. If not a valve job is in the future. This car is a Model 75 with the 225 cu inch inline 8 engine.
  8. I'm looking for valve springs for my 1928 Gardner. It has a 225 cu in Lycoming engine. I have seen that the valve springs for my car are the same as those for an Auburn 76, 88 105 from 1928 plus some others. Could anyone tell me where I can purchase some valve springs like these. Thanks Mike
  9. I have a 1939 Master Deluxe. The voltage regulator will not hold a voltage setting, seems that it will change from day to day. The generator and regulator are the correct units for the car. I was wondering if there is an electronic replacement for this regulator. Thanks Mike ZAhorik
  10. Sounds like you have tried this. Does the tarp stick to the car or is the styrofoam just for air, because the tarp does not breathe? The real reason for the cover is that the fornt windshield does not seal against rain and snow. I do not want the floor broads and metal to get any worse than they are now. Thanks for the idea. I'll give it try.
  11. I have a 1937 Humpback 4 door Ford V8. It has to be moved outside for this winter. It is an original car and fair shape, but I want to cover it and protect it. I have found that most good car covers are $250 or more. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to car and protect a nice, maybe not good, car from the winter that would cost less than $100? Thanks Mike
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