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  1. Hi Tom, My car is going to Denver one of these days. I think John, the next owner, will join the club, and he has rental condo's in Venice.Florida. I bet he could be convinced to drive it down and maybe make a stop on the way. He and his wife are good people and I know you all will like them. I don't know any of you but I get great vibes from all I read and so far my instincts have been tight on. I'll let you all know when he drives the car back to Denver, and it is one of the most difficult decissions I have had to make in my life and the one that I must make from my heart. I hope you can hoo
  2. Thanks for the reply. I bought the car new in 1990 from Exton Motors and drove it back to Denver where I lived at the time. The car is all original and has just over 27,000 miles on it.I even bought some spare parts before Chrysler stopped suppplying them. I have detailed it at least 4 times a year in Denver, then we moved to Southern California. The car has never given me a bit of trouble.I had the car gone over by mechanics every three months when I had the lube done. I have all the original articles, R$T, the Chrysler brochure, the sticker with all the import info. The car is white with a b
  3. Is this open to anyone with a TC or just members of the club? I have a 1990 White/black 16V and I am giving it to a friend in Denver who with give it the love that I have and it deserves. I might ride to Reno with him on his return to Denver, but I never joined the club. Please let me know, I'm giving away a piece of me. Thanks, jean b dragonflyjbh@aol.com
  4. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have the May 1989 issue of Road and Track. I also kept the original sticker on the car, all or most work done on the car, mostly lube job every 3 months. I once posted it in The DuPont Regerestry so I saved that. All emmission test results, hasn't failed yet. I have the original Bill of Sale.Also a few extra parts for the car. I dated a n exotic car dealer in the 70's and he liked everything to be original. The Road and track article, I can try scaning it and try other methods if you still want a copy. If you want an original, you might be able to ge
  5. I have the original Road & Track review but I won't part with it. I am the only owner of a 1990 16V 5 spped transmssion with all docks. If you would like I can try to scan the article but I won't take it out of the original magazine. I'll be busy for about the next three weeks and will be on and of line but I'll check this site. I also have the original brocure from the dealer.
  6. I might be willing to part with my 1990 16V with just uver 27, 000 miles on it. It is white with a black interior and black soft top. I've been keeping this baby since it was new, one ownew, me, and I have garaged it and taken excelent care of it. I drive it less than 600 miles a year, but I find myself spending most of my time with my good buddy's, my Borzoi's, and they don't fit in the car. The car is in San Diego with me and serviced by a master mechanic. I even have a few extra parts. I would have to be really motivated to part with it and it can only go to someone who would take the time
  7. I have a 1990 TC Maserati 16 Valve Turbo, 5 Speed Manual Getrag Transmission with 27,000 miles and am the only owner. I have taken great care of the car and love it. The tree rats got to a part before I realized I had a problem. I need to replace the coolant hose from the thermostat housing to the valvue next to the radiator. The hose is tapered and a different diameter on each end. I don't want and original part because of the age. Does anyone know who might have one to replace it? The car is still drivable but not for long distances and I would very much like to keep the car in perfect runni
  8. I am happy to see that so many people have viewed my last post. I'm not very computer literate, so when my nechanic needed a hose, I replyed on a post listing a TC in Zurich.One person was nice enough to respond. My name is Jean and I live in San Diego Co. and rarely see a TC here and when I do it is an automatic. I was lucky enough to find a master mechanic to take care of my TC It is still in exellant condition and has never given me any trouble other than regular maintance. My friend in Ft, Lauderdale, Ed Waterman said there was someone out here that helped him with his TC when he had it,
  9. Looking for coolant hose/frome thermostat housing to valve next to radiator/is a taperd hose mening is differnt diameter on both ends/it is on a 1990 chrysler TC/with masaraty 16valve turbo/5spd.needed in so.cal.can you help/please email me at kambizks@yahoo.com thank you.
  10. I had my TC in Denver until 1999 when we mover to So Cal and I mostly used it in the winter.My other car, a Town Car or dog car, was usless. The TC never failed me. She dogs stayed home and I went out in the snow and black ice. As lomg as I add weight in the trunk, the front wheel drive was great. I hope you have as good luck but you do have those L.I. pot holes to deal with.
  11. Maybe after the hollidays, things seem unusually hectic lately. Thanks for the invite.
  12. Small world.I lived not far from them in Cherry Hills, we sold 1510 Layton Ave. in 1999 to move to RSF,Ca. I'll be in the Philly area 12/22-12/28, I'll email you before I live. Your Mother would know me in Denver by the white Town Car with three big dogs heads sticking out the window. The dogs are Borzoi and people knew the car with the dogs with long noses.
  13. Where are you in So. Cal.? T have never had to put any extra work into the car except the air conditioning. It has never let me dow'n, always starts right up and from what I've read, I either got lucky or got a well manufactured car. I kept the sticker to remind me where it was sent from in Italy. If I part with it, I don't think a DB9 will cure my depression. Nice to hear so many others appreciate this car.
  14. I spent 10 years in Denver with the car from 1990 to 1999, then I moved to Cal. My family is still in North wales and Blue Bell. I'll be there for Xmas. I searched from Philly to DC to find the color I wanted in the 5 speed turbo. I'm glad I spent the time to find it. Did you line in the desert of just find the car there. I'm sure we've crossed pathes in Denver. I knew most of the TC's on the road there by sight. jean
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