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  1. Need seats for my Dodge Royal Lancer. I do not know what would work in my car. I think most front seats would work for the front, 55 or 56 but not so sure about the back seats. I also need door panels. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  2. Hi J Man, I just bought a 2 door royal Lancer hardtop. It has no seats. I am not sure if the seats will fit but I would be willing to give them a try if you still have them. Please let me know. My phone is 757 214 2759. Thanks. Mike
  3. Thank you Rick You are correct,mine is the trunk back sedan.
  4. I bought a 1936 chevy master deluxe 4 door sports sedan with the vent windows front and back,,chromed headlights and trim. It is exactly like the one bradwbrock posted in june to get identified.It had been in storage for the last 32 years. I saw 2 for sale on e-bay and the owners claimed that there were only 300 of these models left in the world.I e-mailed them and asked how they could verify that information and did not get a reply from either person.This makes me a little suspicious as to wether this is true or not. Could someone please let me know if it is a fact that there are only 300 or so of these models left and point me in the right direction so that I can get more info on this model. Thank you for your help. PS I just registersd last night and Peter Heizman helped me direct my question to this column as I first posted this in the general discussion column. Thank you Peter for being such a gentleman.
  5. Thank you Peter for your suggestion. I appreciate you helping a greenhorn like me. I am still intimidated by computers and have a little trouble negotiating around the site. Mike
  6. I bought a 1936 4 door master deluxe chevy last year. It has the wing windows front and back. I saw 2 for sale on e-bay and each owner claimed that there were only 300 of these left in the world. I e-mailed each owner to ask how they could verify that there were only 300 left in the world. Neither person e-mailed me back so I am suspicious as to the truth of this statement. I know that they only made the 36 styling for one year,but I did not know that the master deluxe was so rare. Could someone please give me some info and let me know wether this is true or not. Thanks in advance, Mike