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  1. What do your head light rings look like? One of mine is broke.
  2. I have a hood and trunk lid to sell. These are solis usable pieces but not perfect. The hood will need a little more work. $25 ea. Located in the Pittsburgh, PA area and must be picked up. oldschoolminis@lycos.com
  3. Where would the serial # be on a '23 Dodge coupe?
  4. As of right now I could use door panels and lenses for the front lights and tails. I havent really gotten into it yet to know what I need. A direct swap 5 lug rear would be nice as well.
  5. I am good for now as far as engines go but I will keep ou in mind if I need one. I am mainly looking for body and interior stuff.
  6. I am in need of a deck lid for a '26/'27 coupe if anyone has one to spare. oldschoolminis@lycos.com
  7. I have a friend that is going to give me 2 engines. They are both out of '64 Ols 88s, what size are they?
  8. I recently bought a '63 Skylark that I owned once before. I plan to do a total redo on it after I finish another project so I have plenty of time to collect parts for it now.
  9. contact me at oldschoolminis@lycos.com if you can help.
  10. I am interested in a set of '26 Buick doors(front) for a open car as well as a grille shell. Conact me at oldschoolminis@lycos.com if you are able to help.
  11. looking to see if anyone has some '63 Skylark or special parts laying around that they can part with. I would prefer to buy from a person before I go to the companies so I thought I would try here first.
  12. 1951 Ford Dash All there except the radio. $125 plus shipping. oldschoolminis@lycos.com I will e mail a pic to anyone interested.