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  1. I have always liked the 36 grill, and for sure the grill emblem.

    With that in mind, a couple years ago I made a GIANT version of the emblem. Actually a 17" version.

    Maybe you didn't know that the Buick script on the emblem is SOLID COPPER, then CHROMED.

    I found an aluminum platter at a GoodWill store, $1.00, turned it over to make my version.

    I sprayed the maroon and taped off and sprayed the stripes. It was a fun piece to make. Also the front of my Hot Rod bus has an original 36 grill script on the front.

    Just having fun, Oh, did I say, I DO SCALLOPS??? hehe.

    Dale in Indy [ATTACH=CONFIG]286987[/ATTACH]

    Very beautifully done, Dale in Indy! Thanks for the feedback and education! Keep up the great work!

  2. Had a few extra minutes to process pictures of another really outstanding Buick that was seen at the Friday evening, September 27th, 2013 cruise night in Milford, CT--this gorgeous white Riviera...


    Next stop, Hershey, Pennsylvania...

    EDIT: Hmm, it appears I might need to try re-uploading the shots of the white Riviera--will get that done next chance I get...

  3. Here are some overalls (fading sunlight of early evening not optimal, but did the best we could) of that oh-so-nice '73 GS that I saw at the Derby, CT "Heav'nly Donuts" cruise night this past Sunday evening, September 22, 2013:


    Believe that was a real Lambo in the background of image #2, and that brass Model T in the background of image #4 was spectacular as well. A knowledgeable Crosley friend of mine also mentioned that the one in the background of #4 was a '39 model.




  4. Here's a pretty cool '68 Skylark Convertible I ran across at a very small cruise night gathering last night (Sunday, September 22, 2013), in North Haven, CT--in fact the few cars that were there were already starting to leave, when I got there, right around the published start time (5:30pm or so)... Nice vanity plate too...


    I took the pictures from the driver's seat of my '60 VW Bug, as I kind of drove slowly around the Skylark...

    Headed out to another cruise night in Derby, CT right after that, that was very well attended--and saw another cool Buick there too, so stay tuned...





  5. Possible evidence of a *Buick Enthusiast* in charge of designing the flyer for a cool-sounding event upcoming next month in Guilford, CT???!!!



    Online copy of the same flyer: http://home.comcast.net/~shorelinesteve/ShorelineOktoberfest18and20Oct2013CarCruisesFlyer.jpg

    Overall event info site: http://shorelineoktoberfest.com/

    Overall event Facebook site: http://shorelineoktoberfest.com/

    2ND EDIT:

    Higher-mag copy of just the Buick graphic (no visible artist credits)...


    So, that's about a '50 model?

  6. Here are a couple of detail views of that super-nice, super-original-looking '87 Grand National, as seen at the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise night, Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT:


    Next time we'll move on to the OTHER super-nice, and at least somewhat modified-looking black '87 Grand National that was at the North Branford event...




  7. Back again to the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise night, Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT...

    Today just one quickie insert--some overall views of a VERY nice '87 Grand National, that, from what I could see, was a totally stock, super-well-preserved specimen.

    It had a window sticker displayed in the front windshield, however I could not get a good photo of that. I was able to discern from looking at (my crummy photo of) it, however, that this '87 GN had originally been delivered to Antonino Buick-Nissan in Norwich, CT originally (wonder if they're still in business?), had a total of $6,231 in options, and a $414 destination charge, computing out to a grand total sticker price of $18,207.

    In addition to the $3,574 option price for all the "Grand National" stuff (added on to the basic '87 Regal 2-door coupe), another couple of big-ticket options were the "Hatch Roof" at $895, adn the "Delco-GM Graphic Equalizer Cassette Tape & EIR AM Stereo FM Stereo Radio With Seek and Scan, Auto Reverse with Search, Repeat, and Clock" (whew) at $504.

    Overall-type views now, a couple of detail shots next time. Cool vanity plate!





  8. Back again at the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise night, Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT, this time with the final series of shots of the fantastic & super-eye-catching Electra 225 and Skylark pair...


    Let's see, next time I think we move along to an awesome black '87 Grand National--but *not* the same one that was previously shown in one of the overall shots... So please do stay tuned...










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