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  1. I've found that Dynamat does a great job, but as previously stated, comes at a premium. I would advise getting the dynamat xtreme that has the aluminum layer, it dampens considerably better. If the aluminum adiabatic thing doesn't float your boat, you can look at other brands of asphalt mat, you can get it anywhere. I have actually been rather pleased with the road noise dampening properties of plain old spray on undercoating and or truck bed liner. It will make your vehicle drive quieter, but dynamat is the real thing for sound quality, I've installed it on and off for a few years, and its great stuff. I guess it depends if you are trying to have a quieter ride or a better sounding stereo system. As far as the baffles go, most car audio speakers are designed to function infinite baffle, not in a confined volume of air. You can try them out because they are cheap, but I think you would notice a better improvement by using caulk under the speaker, and a foam gasket between the speaker and the door panel. Being air tight is very important to a speaker, especially in a car. Good luck!
  2. Don't have Reatta mirrors for her anymore, been a few years (I door mounted oldsmobile aurora mirrors, they look great). Let me know if there is anything else you want me to look at though. Thanks!
  3. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Ranger</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Don't get too excited about buying from this guy. He posted same thing back in June of '07, didn't answer my questions or P.M.'s, don't know if he answered anyone else. He wasn't sure if it was a 90 or 91 back then. Jim Too </div></div> Did we have a correspondence, or did you just send me a message that I never checked? I'm sorry that you feel spiteful about this. As I mentioned in my first post, it has been well over a year since I have logged into this forum, so I apologize about not getting your message, I truly didn't know that I had any private messages waiting for me. I'll let you have dibs on whatever it was that you were interested in purchasing from me last year unless somebody else has called it since this post started last night (to be fair to them). If you are in doubt about things actually being for sale, I bought a newer car earlier today, and have no need for the Reatta to do anything but help you guys out with parts that you can't find. Previously when I was selling parts, I had delusions of having an audio shop fabricate a new interior for me, so I was trying to sell original parts to fund making new ones, but then I snapped out of it, got married and had all kinds of bigger things take priority. Now I'm here with a noisy Reatta parts car, and a young replacement in the driveway. I don't want to have a bad reputation with you, so let me know what I need to do to make things right. Thanks.
  4. I live in northern IN 46561. Happy to pull anything that you would like that is reasonable to ship. Read what I have above in my initial description about things like the seats, etc... Thanks.
  5. Have an offer on headlight switch... not a finished deal yet, I'll let you know.
  6. door panels are grey, have tears from being removed carelessly. can have em cheap if you are interested in damaged ones.
  7. Brake system is good too. Forgot to mention...
  8. I have decided to give up on my Reatta. I know, I know. Blasphemy... I've done tons of work over the years to keep her tip top mechanically, and it just kept stacking up on me. Ive got a pushrod / lifter noise coming from the engine that I can't find with a stethoscope. I know all of my rotating assemblies are smooth and quiet, there is still a noise that has been getting worse over the last few months. Started out really subtle, and has come to a head the last week or so. Anyway, I'm movin on. I've owned that car for 7 years, its a touch over 150k now, and it will be sad to see her go, but I've decided to part her out. (I have a buy sell post already started) All that aside, I wanted to say: I'm a member of well over a dozen different forums for all of my different hobbies and interests. I have never belonged to a forum that is this dedicated and helpful. Out of all of the groups that I follow on and off, there is not a single one anywhere on the internet that has such useful information and such a personal touch. It has been a great journey, and I was honored to be a part of such a great forum. Thanks guys, I'll miss ya.
  9. I have one on my parts car. Check out my thread, it is first come first serve.
  10. Hello all. I haven't been on the forum for about 13 months, so sorry if anybody missed me or tried to message me. I've gotten married, bought a house, have a new career (Crestron programming), and have 2 dogs. (not witness protection, just movin' on up) My poor Reatta isn't doin so hot under the hood though, and I think that I'm gonna finally give up on her. Sounds like a lifter and pushrod chattering pretty good, and by the time I put that much effort into fixing it, I may be happier in a newer car. Gasp!!! It's been quite the journey though. I am willing to sell any part desired, as long as I am given a reasonable few days to pull the part and it is not ridiculous to ship. (buyer pays shipping please) As long as I have tires left to drag it across the scale when we're done, I'm happy. I have a 1990 silver reatta. Not a ton of parts, I've gone back and forth on parting out and restoring a few times, so body and interior are not complete, but please do ask if you have something specific that you would like. I'm kind of neurotic like that... I even sold my seatbelt once (after an encounter with a deer) but then replaced my windshield and had to buy a different seatbelt. Don't ask. Anyway, to give you the quick once over, I do not have the radio or CRT screen, or the nicer seats... There isn't much dash trim left, but I have a good light switch and freshly redone gauge panel. Have complete heating and air system, most of the vents. Parts on outside of engine are great many new ones (harmonic balancer, water pump, belt tensioner, etc). Not willing to pull engine or tranny unless you're taking the carcass as well, and do it yourself (I have title... its plated and registered still). Do have new sensatracs all around and wheel bearings. No wheel center caps, sorry. No headlights either, I made some fiberglass projectors that have served me well instead (that deer I mentioned above stole my pop-up headlights too). Anyway, it is just easier to ask about specific pieces. I'm happy to send digital pictures or whatever other info you like. Thanks. First come first serve, let's keep parts requests in the public viewable forum so that there are no disputes over the first come first serve, and we'll private message after that... Make sense? Thanks again.
  11. actually, it might be a 90, i have to check, its been a long time since i drove it regularly.
  12. actually, it might be a 90, i have to check, its been a long time since i drove it regularly.
  13. i haven't gotten any responses from the buy/sell forum post, so this forum has been much more useful because everybody sees it. thanks for the pointer though.
  14. i haven't gotten any responses from the buy/sell forum post, so this forum has been much more useful because everybody sees it. thanks for the pointer though.