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  1. John, the answer that you refered to, dated 4-30 did not come through!
  2. Trans out of the 32 chrysler has round cylinder the size of a baseball on the left side,with 2 electrical terminals,on the right side is stamped WG-DIV, under that is T86A-1!
  3. How can you tell that the trans is a free wheel or a od?
  4. Parts are located in arcadia ,fl, 45 miles north of ft. myers. Call for prices!
  5. I have a 1949 spitfire motor for sale, running cond. ,johnnyreb at 941-320-5949.
  6. for 1932 ci chrysler, complete rear, complete front axle, steering shaft,trans w/ emer. brake and either A OVERDRIVE UNIT OR A FREEWHEELING UNIT. also a , a 1949 chrysler spitfire 6 ,running,a1936 dodgemotor w/ trans,running, also a1934 chevy rolling chassis for a 1934 chevy truck, motor stuck. johnnyreb ,941-320-5949.
  7. I have the following items, 32 ci rear,complete, 32 ci front axle complete, steering shaft,trans w/emer. brake and either overdrive or free wheeli ng unit,a49 chrysler spitfire6,running cond. johnnyreb at 941-320-5949
  8. I have a trans that came out of a 1932 ci-6 three window coupe. three speed, with either a free- wheeling feature or a overdrive!
  9. Can anyone tell me the range of vin numbers for a 1932 chevy coupe?
  10. I recently pulled a 1949 chrysler spitfire 6 out of a 1932 ci coupe. It was bolted to the orginal top loader trans. The tran s has an electric overdrive unit on it. IT was a top loader,if this is any help.
  11. I have a trans that came out of a 1932 ci coupe, it's bolted to a 49 chrysler spitfire 6. This trans is a top loader, it has a round cylinder on the left side with 2 electrical terminals. On the right side it has the letters wg div and under it is t86a-1. Can anyone tell me if this is a 32 trans or a latter model?
  12. thank you verymuch for the information, is the finish over the brass a nickel coating ?
  13. Can anyone tell me what the headlights, tail lights, cowl lights, are made out of? It doesn't seem to be chrome. This is a 1932 ci coupe, with a split windsheild!
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