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  1. This is not a historic Buick Dealership, but I took this off my then new 1977 Buick Century.

    At the time, I was living in Melbourne Florida. I wanted a white with blue interior Century. 

    Lane Pontiac, Buick did a dealer trade, and what came in was, Blue with White interior.

    Before I left the dealership, I pulled off the emblem. That's all I have left of my 77 Century.



    1977 Buick Century.jpg

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  2. 1 hour ago, Pomeroy41144 said:



    How many did he build himself? 


    211 are dealer promos.

    391 That I built myself. With several in process. And, plenty still in boxes.

    I’ve been building and collecting model cars, since my Father gave me my first dealer promo in 1955. Yes, I do still have it.

    Many of the cereal box cars, I got out of the cereal boxes myself.

    In one way I’m lucky, my 23 year old granddaughter, wants all the models, and my 65 Corvette. She has a strong interest in cars, both big and small.

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