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  1. Have a #204 Castle Lamp. Top is engraved with: The Castle Lamp Co. Elmira, NY Model 204 What's it go to? Thanks!
  2. Good morning all - I've had a 1912 Clement Bayard for the last ten years or so - Have insurance with Hagerty. Problem is - I have no idea as to the value of the car. :confused: The car is in 'perfect' condition completely restored . . right down to the original owners manual. It's the only CB I know if in the country so, nothing to compare it to. Thanks for any recomendations - Don / Orlando
  3. Good morning - I'm looking for anyone that has information, parts or even a Celement Bayard to compare notes with. I have a 1912 'Torpedo' 8 HP / 4 CYL- This car also has 'Belriot' headlamps and any info on those would be appreciated as well - lamps are 9" with the glass lens over 1" thick in the center. Any information or contacts is appreciated - Happy New Year - Don Larson / Orlando / USA /
  4. Good morning all - I am looking for any information anyone might have about the Clement Bayard (French) - also any other owners to compare information with. I have a 1912 Torpedo 8 HP / 4 CYL - any contact info is greatly appreciated - Don Larson / Orlando / Florida / USA
  5. Have a matching pair of Bleriot headlamps on my 1912 Clement Bayard. About 10" glass lens very, VERY thick. Looking for small cowl lamps and also a tail lamp that would 'go' with the car. Thank for your help. Don
  6. Steve; It's a great and very interesting automobile . . Like some of the very old Renaults . .the Radiator is BEHIND the motor. The only 'grill' is on the sides of the hood. The hood is really aerodynamically curved to increase the speed of the wind as you're moving forward . . . I guess the trick is . . .KEEP moving forward. I'm really a 'Model T guy' - so, it is very interesting to see all of the European ideas that Henry put into the 'T'. The Clement Bayard was a very rugged vehicle for its day. three speeds forward one reverse with a conventional 'clutch'. 'Bosch' Magneto (correct for the car and imprinted with Clement Bayard) - car is very, very correct - all numbers matching throughout - Adolph Clement (Bayard) invented the Blimp / Derigible in early 20th century after the automobile. The Headlamps are Bleriot - Great Brass lamps and VERY thick convex lenses. Bleriot made his money in the lamp business but, is best known as the first person to fly across the English Channel in July 1909 - The 'story' goes: He got to the coast of France . . asked "Which way to England"? and off he went! He climbed into the plane with crutches because of an earlier crash . . . oh . .and 'crashed' into England . . . but all that counted is . . he WAS first!!
  7. Finding a price is going to be my biggest quandry . . I bought the Clement Bayard as a 'package deal' with a Model T Panel Truck . . sold the truck - still have the Clement Bayard but could really use the room . . . . right now have three old cars, a stray cat and who knows what else in there!! I think I'll give both Prewar and RM a call and see what I can figure out - Thanks / Don I'd post a picture but, don't know how to do that . . .on this forum .
  8. Merry Christmas to all! I was 'googling' for some auto appraisers / auctions and found RM Auctions listed - They seemed to focus on the 'older' autos (compared to Barrett/Jackson). Has anyone attended any of the RM Auctions or have dealt with them over the past? I have a 1912 Clement Bayard Torpedo, and have no idea as to it's value - I am considering selling it and would like to have it appraised first. RM Auctions are a Canadian company but, have showrooms in Ft. Lauderdale and Michigan. I do believe they also have collectable cars on consignment. Any help or other suggestions would be appreciated. Best regards / Don Larson / Orlando
  9. Looking for anyone who has or knows of anyone with a Clement Bayard. I have a 1912 'Torpedo' looking to compare notes with other owners. Lamp has Bleriot Headlamps - thick convex lenses. Also looking for some cowl lamps to match - Thanks / Don - Orlando / U.S.A.
  10. Just received my magazine - there's an order form in it for this years Christmas Cards - the selection on the left depicts a great looking Mode T Torpedo - probably and '11. THe question is - the 'order form' is for what I recall was the selection for 2004: "The Perfect Tree" and "Express Delivery"! Neither of the card styles shown for this year is listed?? How can we order them? Didn't see any mention on the AACA 'Home Page' -
  11. Looking for transport from Bedminster, NJ to Orlando, FL anytime in October - 1920 Touring - air in tires - easy 'roller'. Please contact me wither on forum or cell: 407-492-9364. At Hershey this week. Thanks / Don Larson
  12. Is anyone returning from Hershey have room for a 1920 Model T Touring? I just bought one in Bedminster,NJ (about 1 1/2 hours due east of Hershey - right on 95) need to get it to Orlando, FL (Great time to enjoy Disney!!) . Anytime O.K. but, of course the sooner the better! Thanks Don Cell 407-492-9364
  13. Do you happen to have an address or, phone contact number? Thanks for the reply / Don
  14. Looking for someone to pick up a Model T Touring (rolls) in West-central NJ deliver to Orlando, FL - can anyone recommend a good car-carrier? No 'rush or time-line' for delivery Thanks / Don
  15. Anyone traveling thru Portsmouth, Ohio towards Orlando, FL? Have a pick up body I nee delivered to Orlando - Thanks as always. Don