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  1. While still a great artist -- she ended up following a culinary/food career, is finishing her BS in Food Science this June at Cal Poly, and will be working as a QA Specialist for Smuckers Foods here in CA. She interned in their labs last year and they offered her a position upon graduation. Maybe I can talk her into a 56 Buick mural for the garage cabinets.... hmmm.
  2. An update from Thomas in Sweden -- and a website/address from where they can be ordered directly from him. http://ormesta.com/ About $500 USD (4800 Krona) + $15 for bolts/washers, + $15 for shipping. i have to say -- given I've seen NOS ones sell on eBay years ago for near $1000 (I bid on them and lost out at $800) -- that $500 doesn't seem unreasonable given the effort. I actually own a set that are *cast* of solid metal, which I know sounds crazy, but some thrift shop in Europe had them posted up on eBay under the wrong title (unknown 1950's bumper pieces) and I recognized what they w
  3. Good to be heard -- much as I'd like to report that she's my daily driver -- alas she sits patiently waiting for me to resume the labor of love started so many years ago. On the bright side though, I have 3 wonderful daughters, a faithful wife of 30 years now, and a career that might actually allow me to retire in about 15 years or so ! We just paid the last check to Cal Poly and my oldest graduates in June -- and then I have a 4 year reprieve until the twins go off to college. I might sneak in some Buick work during that time.
  4. I received an email from a Buick owner named Thomas Lydell, who is not a member of this forum (not sure why) and he saw an old discussion about J-Bars for 1956 Buicks. Apparently he had them reproduced as faithfully as possible, and plans on selling them on eBay. He asked that I post a shot notice here. I'll attach the two photos he sent. I also asked that he provide more detail, how did he have them reproduced, pricing, etc, etc. Just thought I'd share the news about one of those "rare as hens teeth" 1956 Buick parts that apparently someone has decided to do something about
  5. That is good info to know, thanks VickyBlue. The alternative to this is having a craftsman solder in a new core and reuse your tanks -- which I had done for this same project at a cost of $300. Had I known about an aftermarket substitute, the decision would be a no brainer to go with the aftermarket core. After all, as long as this particular part functions normally -- no one will ever see it. The inlet/outlet tubes seem to be in different locations though ? Budd
  6. Far as I know - they did not build sedan delivery's as attempted here by this owner. Ionia bodies wagons are all that I have documentation for. Not my cup-o-tea here either, but to each own. If he's happy and driving on the streets, more power to him. Like the others mentioned, I'd have spent that money/ labor of love restoring a beautiful 1956 Buick wagon and proudly haul my family to the supermarket in it. Cheers, Budd
  7. I have dealt with Russell (his shop is local to me) and I will vouch for his knowledge of all things Nailhead. Stand up guy, and makes no bones about "doing it right" versus what other non-Nailhead shops may do, and will explain in depth the where and why of things. Mention freeze plugs to him and stand back for a 30 minute dissertation ...Budd
  8. Not a Buick -- but a good video showing how far safety has come these past 50 years. 1959 Chevy versus 2009 Chevy 40mph off center head on. Notice the amount of impingement into the 1959 driver seat.
  9. zoom in of the dealer tag... Now that I look at it more, I wonder if it says "Holbrook" on the top, and "Dearborne" on the bottom ? Interesting... If you go look on my website, I have the full hi-res version of the photo (courtesy of Walter Miller Autolit). The little clipboard sitting on the ground that identifies the car. This photo came with 3 or 4 other photos of the same car, some sort of "interior" study, with phots of the back seat and door panels. Budd
  10. I can't tell which photo is the one that is "Holbrook Buick" from Dearborn, MI. In that regard, I was looking at an old factory photo of the back end of a 1956 Buick Century and noticed a dealer tag on it. I zoomed in as best I could, and it appears to say "Holbrook".... something. I wonder if this is the same dealership? Original photo attached...
  11. From the 1956 Buick Press Kit... (yes, even the Missus can use our new-fangled car jack)
  12. Not sure the year or model, but the second photo is fire truck, which is very cool. you can see the "D.F.D" (or is it a G?) on the hood, that would stand for Dallas Fire Department or something like that. It's the Fire Chief's car (says Chief on the door, probably that's the Chief driving it judging by his hat). You can see the "federal" siren mounted up top (makes the longgggg wailing sound that we all recognize). Extra spotlights also mounted up top for lighting up the "scene". There's a few fire extinguishers mounted outboard, and a larger tank or something behind the driver. Odd that
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