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  1. UBB6-ML-228887-ML- Hi, Bill...Moved your thread to Buy/Sell based "...any interest"?. You should provide photos, if possible, and, read the Forum's suggested info to post a "For sale" item. (year, make, condition, etc., etc.) Regards, Peter J. Heizmann
  2. I came across this car and many parts during a search for Model T parts .I was told it was a 1924 Willys Overland Touring model 92 I have no idea what its worth or if I even want to get involved any interest ?. Found two cars worth of running gear and fenders so far its all stored in a dry garage .
  3. That was my guess also. I found photos of a 1904 Gardner Serpollet and the front fenders do look like that but mine is a wagonnette with a massive brass windshield this car was repowered with a 1914 model t drive train thank you for your comeback Bill
  4. I have been told I am way off base and that what I have is not a waltham orient I was going by a drawing I found in a book of cars in the 1900 and there controls I guess im still looking Bill
  5. The drive train has been replaced with model T and the car is more of a little pick up than a car wooden body with a drop in rear seat that rides on the bed sides Bill
  6. Does anyone have info on the 1906 Waltham-Orient air cooled car. I have a car that I am trying to identify so far this is the closest car to compare it to Bill
  7. I have a car that has massive brass windshield right hand drive brass brake levers two of them. The only picture I can find that looks somewhat like it is a English Aibion Sporting Wagonette 1905 Pictured on page 27 of Early Cars By Michael Sedgwick this car has the complete drive line front end rear end motor and transmission from a 1914 right hand Model T installed any help or where I can go for more information would be helpfull Bill Weiss
  8. I would like to know what make and model and year car the Edmund and Jones type 20 headlights were built for or were they just an aftermarket item Also what was the proper mounting bracket for them Bill :
  9. For what make of car was this headlight built for with a patent date of 1921 it was way ahead of its time
  10. I dont think the weather has much to do with what Hershey is all about.There are things that I see and find at that show that I will never find anywhere else. A rainy day at Hershey is better than just about any other day of the year.
  11. The wheels and hub caps are Model T as are the rear end and front end they have all been adapted to fit whatever chassis this is they even made the brake levers work the Model T transmission and rockey mountain brakes Bill
  12. I know about Model Ts I own half a dozen of them and this is my second right hand drive one I just dont know what the non-Ford parts are Bill
  13. It may have been chain drive once in its lifetime but it uses a non starter right hand drive 1914 Model T drive Train now . I have not figured out how to post photos yet Bill
  14. I have just picked up a new project that I was told over the phone was a 1914 Model T. When I went to check it out what I found was a older Wagonette with a removable rear seat in the bed. It is right hand drive car with a complete 1914 drive train instaled including the hood, rad and hood former.It has a massave brass Windshield that ratchets and two brake levers in brass on the right side.The rad that came with the car is marked Multitube " loyal" 204 Rue St Maur Paris any ideas .<BR> <P>[ 09-10-2001: Message edited by: peterg ]<p>[ 09-10-2001: Message edited by: peterg ]