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  1. I think the gas tank has been replaced. With a factory trunk the gas filler should be outside of the right frame rail .The trunk sits

    on a wood platform .

     It should be a 22 gal tank like the models 54 and 55 use, and the gauge should  say 22 gal

      When  I get home I can post a copy of the parts book page.



    22-6-55 Sport touring

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  2. Hi,

      It looks like a model 41, because of the trunk, but I think the 41 has a 124" wb  I think a model 40 would have 118"

    The body tag should be above the right toe board should say 23-6-41?

    Where are you located? A pic of the back would help id

    There are many of us that would be willing to help.



    John  1922-6-55 Sport touring

  3. Brian,

        The tail light for the 54 and 55 has two nickle trim rings, I think that is the only diff.                                                                                                                                               The 54 with wire has the spare on the back with a special mounting bracket.





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