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  1. I know the wheelbase is 120 inches. What is the length? What do you think of this '50 for sale? thanks, Alan The auction
  2. Our Desoto is now for sale. It is also on Ebay. We want to go all out with the Edsel and we need the funds and the garage. Alan web page
  3. We just bought a '58 Edsel wagon. We will not sell any car. This will need much work. It called out to me! Our new '58
  4. We will keep all the same... The Desoto is too nice to part with!
  5. The Charger is what we think may be my Dad's original when it was new. I will not sell it. I may rent a storage garage though.....
  6. I agree that the Desoto is a nice car and I do know what it needs. I will rebuild the brakes and front end this spring. The trans needs to be sealed. That is all. The car cruises great! And yes we can steer it with one little finger as it has power steering. It also has power brakes, windows and seat! Yet, I want the Edsel too...... Alan Alan
  7. Look at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6216&item=4545747363 Now what?
  8. HI! We have a '55 Desoto Coronado. It is in great condition! Here is the link: web page I have wanted an Edsel for many years. My Mom & Dad had a '59 Edsel Ranger 4 door in all black. I am 48 and still remember it well. We would have to sell the Desoto to make room and the money. I am really torn. Any thoughts? Thanks! Alan Our two cars
  9. Any members that have a ANY vintage Chevrolet and would like to be a charter member of my new VCCA region please email me. It will be in the Bergen, Hudson, Passaic counties of NJ and the Rockland, Westchester counties of NY. Thanks! Alan alklb@alklb.com
  10. We updated the pages to show our '37 and '40. Thanks! Alan our cars <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  11. ALKLB


    my log in did not work for some reason. We have a '37 chevy 2 door master deluxe.
  12. Hi, We want to add a/c to our '47 Cadillac (6 volt). Anyone know of an old Mark 4 add on system for sale? <P>
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